Go With It

Go With It


Low budget production values.


You can’t make a pie if you don’t have the filling.

Okay, how does that relate to multiple sclerosis, you ask?

It’s a fatigue issue really.  If you don’t have the energy inside, not much is getting done out.

Fatigue hits me hardest on warmer days.  Feels like I have concrete in my pockets while my feet slurge through mashed potatoes.

So now that the temp is cooler, I feel alive.

Energy abound (as much as an MSer can have).

And I go.  As well as I can.  Till my body says “Enough.”



It’s not an overused “Go For It” moment by any stretch.

“Go For It” conjures up images of Mountain Dew swilling young folk hang-gliding & wind-surfing.

Today my “Go For It” is wondering if I can make it up the driveway from the mailbox!

Therefore let’s replace “Go For It” with the more realistic “Go With It.”

Going with the energy you have.  Go with the movement your body allows.

On the days you feel stronger, “Go With It”–to push yourself just a bit more.

“Go With It” to stretch longer.  “Go With It” to move farther than before.

Don’t save your energy, burn it.  Your body will tell you when it is done.  Then you can rest.

“Go With It” today while you feel good because no one knows how you will feel tomorrow.

Go with it.  Take nothing for granted.  And leave it all on the nightstand when your noggin hits the pillow.


What does all this have to do with pie?

I’m not exactly sure myself…so just go with it.  (Gag me.)

Keep moving my friend.