MS Skills

MS Skills

Because I’m feeling a bit lazy, here is something I wrote for the M.S.A.A. blog.  Enjoy.


Yes, you got’em!

It is difficult to accept when multiple sclerosis steals your ability to work.

A lifetime of training and talent gone.  Poof.

I know it was for me after giving over twenty years of sweat & soul in radio and advertising.


But just because you have MS doesn’t mean it’s over, man.  You just need to change your perspective.

Having MS has given me (and probably you) a whole new skill-set from which to draw upon.

Let me explain with a tongue-in-cheek look at an MSer’s new level of expertise…


Write it down or it’s forgotten!


Meticulous Note Taker:

You must write everything down to recall names. dates. times, appointments, passwords, to-do lists, shopping lists and more.  

Sticky notes are your blessing.

And because your handwriting is so sloppy–only YOU can decipher your scribbles.


Medical Equipment Operator:

You are quick & decisive to determine which piece of equipment you will need to accomplish the task ahead.

“I have the energy to walk today so I’ll use the rollator.”  Or, “”I feel weak so I think I’ll use the scooter.”

Also, only you have the uncanny knowledge of how to properly collapse a rollator or wheelchair.


Personal Charging Station:

You can doze off anytime, anywhere, in any situation or body position.  You can snooze in a straight-back chair.

Ten to twenty minutes to recharge and you are good to go.


In you go. Again.


Professional MRI Taker:

You have done this so many times there is no fear of the tube.

You thumb your nose at a contrast.

By knowing the difference in the machine’s bings & bongs, you know when you are safe to wriggle, shift & scratch.



Restroom Consultant:

Because of MS, you’ve tried them all.  You know the best & the worst.  The clean & the filthy.  The accessible & the not so.

Because of your expertise, some call you the “Triple A” of public bathrooms.


Floor Surface Evaluator:

You have instant ability to determine the walkability of the environment.

You are alert to surfaces that are rough, slippery, thick, plush or uneven.

Uphill & downhill slopes are no challenge to an MSer’s precise judgement.




How’d I?….


Stain Lifter:

As one with MS, you know how to get out food stains.

You know when to blot.  And when to dab.  When to rinse with cold water.  And when to pre-soak.

While some people carry an EpiPen, those of us with MS are never far from our Tide-To-Go.

Being sloppy has a downside but MSer’s are always prepared for battle.


There you have it.  You DO have skills & talents that set you apart from the rest.  Can you think of anything else?  Let me know in a comment to share with others.

Most importantly, you have the confidence to look multiple sclerosis in the eye and prevail.

MS can’t steal your determination, intelligence & guts unless you allow it.

Hold your head up.  Be proud.  And keep fighting.





3 Replies to “MS Skills”

  1. Lol Exactly right! I do have too many skills with chairs, scooters, canes, walkers! I blogged today about a gig that you would be perfect for….you do the same as the lady giving a webinar. A new job for you??

  2. Food Critic: You know which item off a restaurant’s menu to order which will result in the easiest to eat, with the least mess.

  3. Margaret,
    Good one. An MSer rarely gets to order what he or she wants…it’s all about the mess issue.
    Thank you!

    An MSer’s collection of mobility devices is like a kid collecting Pokemon cards…Gotta get’em all.
    Thanks for commenting.