Aim Of Throne

Aim Of Throne


My story.




Multiple sclerosis does wicked things to a person’s psyche, confidence & soul.


The following is a dramatic account of one such event.



The parties involved include:

Harmless looking.


The toilet.






The floor.




What did I do to deserve this?



And me, aka My Odd Sock.




It was the middle of the night.  Even the crickets were asleep.

I rolled over only to realize my bladder was full.

Brimming, in fact.

Dragging myself out of bed, I slowly shuffled down the hall.

“God, I hope I make it.”

This was bad.  Each step was either one step closer to relief…or disaster.

Dribbling began as I felt the cool bathroom floor beneath my feet.  So close now.

I gripped myself to dam the dike.

Only problem now was releasing the grip of my hand to lower my briefs.

Taking a breath I let go in one fell swoop, lowered my drawers & squatted onto where I thought was the toilet.

Well I was wrong.

Landing on the floor my arm swiped at the tub wall sending shampoo bottles scattering.

“Are you okay?” my wife called.

“I’m fine.”  

I lied.

Truth was my bladder burst like the water show at the Bellagio.  My legs straightened, tightening as spasticity reared its ugly head.

Oh the humanity.



I pulled the underwear loose from my ankles to cover my privates hoping to soak up some of the you-know-what.


Paul Simon would say I was slip sliding away.




Rolling to the right I was unable to bend my legs.

Moving to the left was no better.  My legs were no help being stiff as steel.


Shouldn’t that box be bigger?



Meanwhile my bare-ass skidded & skated on the floor like baby oil on a teflon pan.

I couldn’t buy friction.

I rolled & tumbled trying to get up & back to the toilet but the urine Slip-N-Slide had other ideas.


Defeated, exhausted and wet, I raised the white flag and called for help.

My wife & son came to the rescue.

That’s when MS’s embarrassment & humiliation kicked in.  A grown man lying in his own pee unable to move.

To say MS sucks is putting it mildly.  I have more graphic terms to describe it so I’ll spare you from my potty-mouth.

My struggle from the other night is proof multiple sclerosis not only hurts physically, but often is a painful punch to the ego.

Be careful my friends.  Let’s hope tonight is restful.

5 Replies to “Aim Of Throne”

  1. I can totally relate, only my “incident” involved the bathtub. I have to sit to shave. Took care of business and contemplated which move, roll, swear word or crying…I could not get up! Frustrated to the max, and embarrassed whether alone or with a helper. MS SUCKS

  2. oh I get that awful incident of the middle of the night. When I read the symptoms of MS I was horrified by loss of bowel and bladder control. Still am! I do love your photos of the accident, it looks rough lol I like your humor in the face of bad things. Those spasms are awful too

  3. Kim,
    It is not so pleasant that you can relate. Sorry to bring back bad memories.
    Maybe better times are ahead for both of us! Thank you for reading & commenting.