Sliders: the foot-drop perspective

Sliders: the foot-drop perspective


Ready. Hut. Hike.
Ready. Hut. Hike.

“Take a step in my shoes” is an all-too familiar quote.  And when you have multiple sclerosis & MS related foot-drop in particular, “taking a step in my shoes” can be difficult–if not darn near impossible.

That’s why with foot-drop, the proper shoes are a prerequisite.

In most cases, every MSer has a favorite pair of “sliders.”

We’re not talking hamburgers here—we’re talking shoes!


Sliders are generally a well-worn pair of shoes with barely a trace of sole that “slides” over thick carpeting, rough concrete, tall grass or any other surface scratchy enough to grab a draggy toe.

A good pair of sliders gives you a sliver of confidence you can make it from the chair to the powder room witout doing a faceplant.

Sliders provide a little hope when yo have very little!


The old-reliables!
The old-reliables!



My favorite pair of sliders are ridiculously worn.

Probably a dozen years old with an aroma that would make a Bloodhound whimper.




Retired early.
Retired early.



I had to revert back to my old shoes seen above when this pair just became too difficult to wear.

The wide sole grabbed everything & made walking exhausting.


It was like wearing a pair of track spikes…..



No go. Using a starter's pistol to put these down!
No go. Using a starter’s pistol to put these down!



…..Speaking of which, track spikes & golf shoes are a poor choice of footwear when you have MS foot-drop.






Let me think about
Let me think about



And cleats.

Cleats are a no-no unless you are Peyton Manning or Mia Hamm or something.




There's a test? I just made this up.
There’s a test? I just made this up.




A good measure is the “slide-ability” of shoes over a surface.

If it is hard to slide shoes using your hand, there’s no way in hell your limp feet are gonna move it.




Not mine.
Not mine.



Here is a good pair of sliders for the ladies.

Flat, low-profile & easy to put on.

Excellent choice!




I only wear when I want to look extra pretty.
I only wear when I want to look extra pretty.





Heels on the other hand (or foot in this case) are bad for foot-dragging females or drag-dressing males with MS.






Nope. Not these.
Nope. Not these.



Running shoes are no better.

Nice, cushy walk but then again the tread grabs everything.





Hey, not bad. Not bad at all.
Hey, not bad. Not bad at all.



This pair of shoes excells on the slide-ability test.

Almost like a “boat-shoe” type sole. but they can stick on a wood surface so be careful.

I only wear them on my yacht.




Whoa, I'm not Bear Grylls.
Whoa, I’m not Bear Grylls.


Hiking boots.

I don’t wear hiking boots for a couple of reasons…

One…I no longer hike.


Two….Hiking boots are so dang heavy I can’t lift my legs!

Bad choice.


Ahh, slippers. Again, not mine!
Ahh, slippers. Again, not mine!


That leave foot-dropping MSers with two options….


Light-weight, comfy & no catchy sole.

Or two…nothing at all.  Barefoot.

I do my best “Huck Finn” & go barefoot around the house which explains my dirty feet & gnarly toenails.



If you have any tidbits on how you battle foot-drop, please share your knowledge with a comment!

Otherwise, tread lightly my friend.  Keep moving–but do it safely.




8 Replies to “Sliders: the foot-drop perspective”

  1. No matter what I wear, it feels uncomfortable! I finally broke down and bought 2 pairs of skechers. They both feel pretty good but evidently I can’t pick my feet up far enough to clear the floor. Regardless of the soles, I hate shoes. I stay around home most days and go barefoot. One important thing is to have your foot measured. Through the years my shoe size had changed 2 – 3 times and I’m 55 years old! Go figure!

  2. Joanne,
    I’m teaching myself to walk on my hands.
    Hope you feel better after venting!
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. I go with snip toe cowboy boots that I consistently wear out the toes still, or slippers/barefoot. Foot drop is no fun but my bilateral AFOs are so uncomfortable.

  4. Katie,
    I’m not familiar with “snip-toe cowboy boots.” I agree about wearing out the toes. What the heck? How does that happen?
    Thanks for reading & commenting!

  5. OMG, I just happened across this site while doing research for library science (don’t ask), and as a fellow MS-er I can’t tell you how much I appreciate knowing I am not alone with the STUPID SHOES PROBLEM!!!! Living in WI means I can’t be barefoot year round, unfortunately, but it is by far the best choice for me. Thank you for your analysis of what shoes are good and what shoes are not so good. Hiking boots, hahahahahahahaha!! Right! Let me just slip a pair on and fall to my certain death. Best to you. 🙂

  6. Shelly,
    I can relate. Here in Ohio, the barefoot season is rather short.
    At least being WI you can stick your feet in warm cheese curd.
    Thanks for reading & commenting.
    Now get back to your studies, dammit!

  7. Yes I have battled the shoes forever now. I did try the brace for foot drop the doc wanted me to wear but its uncomfortable. In GA I can go barefoot half the year thankfully lol. I wear flat sandals during the summer. I have blogged about my wore out boots last year, from the toe worn. I would hit the floor if I didnt use a walker.

  8. Kim,
    That’s it…we’re all moving to GA & live with you. Hope you have enough towels.
    Thanks for your side of this issue! Sounds familiar.