The Perfect MS Drug

The Perfect MS Drug



We are looking!
We are looking!



Your quest for the perfect MS drug.


Certainly we could all agree the perfect treatment for multiple sclerosis would include the ability to cure, be effective, restore myelin, minimum side effects and available to all at a reasonable cost.


But I found myself wondering what else might we include in describing the perfect MS drug?


Here’s what I came up with.


The perfect MS drug….


  • Tastes like chocolate

  • Recommended by 4 out of 5 dentists

  • Sold over the counter

  • Eliminates fine lines & wrinkles

  • Served in a frosty mug

  • Free as a credit score

  • Comes in its own alfredo sauce

  • Melts in your mouth, not in your hand

  • A prize in every box

  • Fun as shopping for shoes

  • Increases your IQ

  • Could grow in my garden

  • Great with hummus

  • Makes “happy hour” happier

Feeling lucky.
Feeling lucky.


  • Is “magically delicious”

  • Boosts self-esteem

  • Now in snack size

  • Chosen by choosy mothers

  • Made by Ben & Jerry’s

  • Puts a skip in your step

  • Sold at Hooters

An offer you can't refuse!
An offer you can’t refuse!
  • Get a “Buy One Get One Free”

  • Melts body fat

  • Has a rich, nougat center

  • Tickles going down


and finally

  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back


I think that pretty much sums up my perfect MS drug.

How about you?  Any suggestions you would add?  Share it with a comment.


Otherwise we’ll keep waiting & hoping till the next med hits the market.

Good luck.





















6 Replies to “The Perfect MS Drug”

  1. I think you’ve come up with all the right ingredients for the
    perfect ms drug. Let me know when the FDA gives its final approval! 🙂

  2. Joanne,
    With help from “big pharm,” it should get approval quickly!

    Good idea!
    Also, “May contain traces of peanut & other oils.”

    Thanks for both of your comments!

  3. Love this! How about adding that it’s only 1 Weight Watcher Power Point, it’s the best part of waking up and produced using recycled material?

  4. Yvonne,
    You got me. Thanks for your comment.

    Oh those are good ones! Thanks for the ideas!