Pure fiction.
Pure fiction.



According to the National MS Society, multiple sclerosis is at least two to three times more common in women than men.


For the overwhelming majority of female patients, the abbreviation MS is fitting as MS, like Mrs & Miss, is also a proper greeting.



But as one of the few gents with multiple sclerosis, I was daydreaming about if the tables were turned…and more males had MS than females (kinda like prostate cancer).

If this was true, would MS then become MR? (As in “Mister”)

And would the symptoms of the newly coined MR be different from MS?


Here is my rough draft of symptoms exhibited by a male patient with MR.  

(Be sure to carefully look for these warning signs in all males in your circle.)


Does He…..


  • Actually listen

  • Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher

  • Channel surf at a much slower pace

Not neatly, but hanging.
Not neatly, but hanging.


  • Hang up his wet towel

  • Have diminished grilling skills

  • Claim to know nothing about something

  • Burp to himself

  • Drive with courtesy & patience

  • Change his shirt w/o being told



Who uses bar soap?
Who uses bar soap?


  • Return the soap “hair-free”

  • Tire of the endless E. D. commercials

  • Find what he needs w/o asking

  • Sit in the chair so others can use couch

And finally

  • Turn over command of the remote


Again if a male you know shows any of these warning signs, he may be suffering from MR, the male version of MS.

Consult a doctor, who may schedule an immediate “MR-i.”

If you have noticed other symptoms of MR not listed above, please alert us with a comment to your important findings.

Happy healing.












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    Thank you. Sorry for the lapse in quality–fell & hit my head, I think!