Sh#@ I Don’t Need

Sh#@ I Don’t Need



Each day, you the consumer, are faced with a barrage of messages vying for your attention—and your money.

Buy this.  Buy that.  Save this.  Get that.  Act now.  Order today.  Call now.  Reserve yours.

To help you sort through the endless, mind-numbing enticements, My Odd Sock presents something I like to call…..


All the sh#@ fit to print.
All the sh#@ fit to print.



“Sh#@ I Don’t Need.”

A collection of products & offers I have absolutely no use for.


Let’s get started…..




Coin Collector Set

What a sweet deal!
What a sweet deal!




I found this 8-coin set of presidential dollars for just $8 bucks.


I save 65% PLUS I get a free gift!



Who is that?
Who is that?




This sounds like an awesome deal if you want a coin with the likeness of John F. Kennedy…who happens to look more like John Kerry!





Shot Glasses

Collector's item!
Collector’s item!


The football fan in you can’t do without this set of 50 Super Bowl Shot Glasses.

Not sure of the connection between a shot glass & a Super Bowl, but here it is in all its glory.

I like the point being made this set is “not sold in stores.”

There’s a reason for that and we all know why!

Even Bed Bath & Beyond passed on selling this garbage.




Ready to throw.
Ready to throw.


A home improvement store sells these bricks four for a dollar.


That’s a cheap way to arm a whole platoon of rioters, smashing windows & looting for under ten bucks!



Camera Straps

Smile & say cheese.
Smile & say cheese.



A big box store can save you 50% on camera straps.


Now if they could just find someone out there who still carries a camera!





Solar White Owl Light

Who..needs this?
Who..needs this?


Here’s a beaut of a product I don’t need…the Solar White Owl Light.

It looks kinds neat in the daytime but at night it becomes the menacing predator.

The ad says it repels:  “Squirrels.  Rodents.  And more.”

I assume the “And more” refers to folks with enough common sense not to fork over the $12.99 plus shipping & handling for such a silly product.



Pool Chair

Throw me a life preserver!
Throw me a life preserver!



I’m all for a nice reclining pool chair around the swimmin’ hole…but a chair on wheels?  Sitting that close to the edge?

Better have 9-1-1 on the speed dial ‘cuz I smell an accident about to happen!





Throw Pillows

Move'em again.
Move’em again.


Every ad for bedding shows a bed covered with throw pillows.

What’s the purpose of a throw pillow?  They are a waste of a pillow.  Even the name says “throw.”

You “throw” them on the floor before you go to sleep.

And the next morning, you “throw” them back onto the bed.  Who has the time?

One or two throw pillows I can deal with, but the six or eight you see in every ad is overdoing it.  C’mon.



Thor shops here!
Thor shops here!


Lastly I found these shoes on sale at Macy’s.

I didn’t know Greek God & Goddesses were still among us.

I might wear these if I was cast in the movie “Gladiator” but otherwise it would take me all day to strap these things on.  I would be exhausted before I left the house!

These may have been a fashion statement 1,500 years ago but I’ll simply pass on these and everything else you have seen in this post.

I’m lumping them all together in a big pile of “Sh#@ I Don’t Need.”

Happy shopping.