One Handed

One Handed


Been soaking in Ivory liquid.
Been soaking in Ivory liquid.


Not right handed.

Not left handed.

I’m one handed.


Wait, you say.  It’s obvious from the picture you have both hands…so what do ya mean by claiming you are one handed?


Well, many of us with multiple sclerosis have a terrible sense of balance.

Me personally, I am more unsteady than the government of a third-world nation.  

A college student’s debit account is easier to balance than I am.

I can’t sit in a straight-back chair without falling over.

Which means I (and probably you) are required to hold on with one hand at all times.  

Thus, one handed.

One hand holds on while the other does what it needs to do.


Steady on there bro.
Steady on there bro.



For example, when getting into a car—one hand opens the door while the other hand bears the weight of keeping me upright.

Or, from falling backwards.




Nice paw-print you leave on the fridge!
Nice paw-print you leave on the fridge!



Getting something from the fridge?

Sure, no prob.  

As long as a “foundation” hand is there to steady myself, leaving the other hand to reach in to get whatever.




Stupid drawer.
Stupid drawer.


Opening a drawer designed for the use of both hands can be tricky when you are one handed.


I’ve learned to adapt by opening the drawer a little on one side, then switching to the other handle to pull on the other side—in a quick back & forth action.

(Drawer opening for dummies.)



Don't forget to floss, Gus.
Don’t forget to floss, Gus.


Even something simple like brushing teeth requires me to use one hand to hold on while the other brushes away plaque & gingivitus.

Sometimes when I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll try to brush hands-free.

This move requires me to press my junk into the bathroom vanity & grind like a $10 dollar lap dance at the strip club.

Your whole body..periously balanced between your gooch and the edge of a KraftMaid cabinet.

Uncomfortable yes, but a small victory when one is without balance!


Have you realized you are also one handed?

Tell me how you are challenged.  And how you overcome.

Being one handed is no big deal, really.  It’s just another tiny example of the manusha we learn when dealing with MS day-in & day-out.

Stay balanced.




2 Replies to “One Handed”

  1. Being “one handed” has a different meaning for me. Let me start by saying, that I am right handed. Several years ago MS took the use of my right hand. I now have to do everything with my left hand. Over the years I’m getting pretty good at it, but my once beautiful penmanship, now looks like that of a doctor. How do I compensate, by letting others do things for me. I can still feed myself, though it requires a bib, and someone to sweep the floor when I am done. I still brush my teeth, not that good, so I do get a cleaning at the dentist’s office four times a year. Someone loosens all my bottle caps, and opens my mail. I type most everything, with one finger, and pay all my bills online. I try not to open things my teeth, but sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do. 🙂 

  2. Margaret,
    You got it Margaret–“you gotta do what you gotta do.”
    Whatever it takes. Heck, I needed a bib way before I had MS.
    Go girl. My best to you!