Brain Drain #23

Brain Drain #23



Here we go again.
Here we go again.


It’s time once again for “Brain Drain.”

Realizing it has been over a year since the last “Brain Drain”, let me explain that periodically I am forced to pull the cranium plug of my noggin & release the clutter built-up between my ears.

Hence, “Brain Drain.”

And since this is #23 in the series, you understand the frequency of the process!

Let’s begin…..



$eeing Dollar $ign$


I noticed this in the paper the other day…


Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!


The pop singer Kesha had a birthday last week.

Kesha (formerly Ke$ha).

$he dropped the dollar $ign from her name a couple year$ ago but mu$t we now be reminded of thi$ dumb idea from the $tart?


Are we too thick to remember Kesha wa$ once known a$ Ke$ha?  And do we care?


As silly as the symbol for Prince.
As silly as the symbol for Prince.



Thankfully other mu$ical act$ haven’t followed her lead…

…or el$e we would be enjoying…

Taylor $wift

Bruno Mar$

and Blake $helton among other$.


Moving along…


Reading The Fine Print


Sweet ride.  What is it?
Sweet ride. What is it?

Have you seen the TV commercial for the new 2016 Chevy Malibu?

It’s the one where they removed all the logos from the car and the people guess the brand after hearing all the swell high-tech features on the car.

Of course folks are thinking this car is a BMW, Audi or some pricey import.

But they are told it is a Chevy Malibu with a starting price of $22,500.


Wow, awesome, huh!  With all that technology, right?

But if you are close enough to squint at the fine print, you’ll notice the price of the car shown is…


Fourteen grand in options makes me woner if the basic Malibu comes with tires?  Or a steering wheel?



What’s next…..


Step By Step


Lastly, doing laundry in my home brought this to my attention…



I noticed these new socks that go so far to tell me which one goes on what foot.

When did all this start?

I remember getting dressed as a young boy of about four or five, asking my babysitter which sock was left or right.

She told me it didn’t matter.  Bullshit.

Really?  Well apparently it matters now!

No wonder my gait is messed up.  It’s not MS—I’m wearing socks on the wrong feet!

‘Probly shoes as well!  I’m gonna swap my mittens too!

This will change my life forever!

I suggest you check YOUR socks—we might all by having this problem.



How about you?  Have something to drain?  Let me know in a comment.

You’ll feel better, I promise.






5 Replies to “Brain Drain #23”

  1. My biggest brain drain would have to be…..Who designs these handicap accessible bathrooms? Either that’s not a good turning radius to get in or out the door, or the doors are so heavy that its nearly impossible to get in or out when using a walker or scooter. I dont know about you but I’m only frustrated by this once or twice a day or more. I hope other people have better luck than me trying to find ( and get in) to a bathroom before your bladder bursts! Good luck, just one of my pet peeves. Happy ms to you all. Lol

  2. Kerri,
    Thanks Kerri. Let us know if it helps!

    That’s a good one. Hope you feel better now.
    Appreciate the comment.