MS Anger

MS Anger


 Go ahead, vent & let it out as you read this previously used My Odd Sock…..





When faced with something bigger than oneself, fear is a common response.

Then over time, fear is slow-cooked, crock-pot style into a steaming stew of anger.


That’s where I find myself on occasion these days.



Way back in 1996, I walked across the DX podium and received my MS decree.

Needless to say, I was scared sh#@less!  My stomach dropped so low, it had rug burns from dragging it out the doctor’s office!


I feared.

I feared what was to come.

That's me!

I feared what I am today….third figure from the right on the evolutionary scale!  (A shlumping, lurching Neanderthal with zero balance, draggy feet, leaky whizzer, wheelchair-using dude who can’t stand upright without more metal supports than the Mackinaw Bridge.  Phew!)


But it’s OK.  Really.

Because today, 15 years later, I’m just miffed.  P-O’d.  (And that doesn’t stand for “post office!)




I’m angry.  Angry NOT that I have MS….but because I can’t do things like before.

Can’t wash a car.  Stand in line.  Or carry something.

Doing things take much longer too.  Between full body spasms that stiffen me like Mister Salty, it takes me a good five minutes to shimmy into trousers in the morning.





And walk across the yard?  Forget about it!  Here is MY view of the lawn.  (Yes, I’ve done so many face-plants in the grass, I floss with a Garden Weasel!)



But the one thing that keeps this Odd Sock going is that—-I am not alone.

You…or someone you know & love is right there with me.

We’re in this together.

And that is why I pen these words.  Not to bemoan that fact that I have the dreaded ick…but to remind you we can still fight—even if our knickers are in a twist.


So go ahead and be angry , you MSer.  You’re allowed.  It’s when we lose that fire in our belly that we have to worry!



4 Replies to “MS Anger”

  1. Right on! Anger is a great motivator. Henny Youngman said depression is anger without enthusiasm. Considering how enthused my anger is lately, I’m guessing that depression is not my problem right now.

  2. Received my MS decree 17 years ago. Had to retire after working for 31 years and go on Soc Sec Disability 3 years ago. Not the way I had planned to retire. I’m there with ya……..still angry!!