Playing Footsie

Playing Footsie


A calloused story.
A calloused story.


I do not have a foot fetish.

It only appears that way.

Through illness (multiple sclerosis), I have become obsessed by how feet do their thang (or how they don’t in my case).

Though I am not alone in my preoccupation as most MSer’s I know have the same problems.  A “one-size-fits-all” if you must.



Not my renderings.
Not my renderings.


Spasticity is the culprit.

It tightens some muscles while weakening others.

In the feet, spasticity causes your tootsies to do weird stuff like in the drawing.

The big toes sticks up (Striatal) like a hitchhiker’s thumb…while the rest of the toes fold up in shame.

Combine that with tightness of the calves, weakening of the shin muscles & immobility of the ankle and TaDa…you have foot-drop.



Thus when you walk, you end up treking like this guy…..

Now I know where they got the idea for this!
Now I know where they got the idea for this!




Yeah, he looks like he has a natural gait!

(That’s being sarcastic.)






What to do about it?

Well, ask your doctor for starters.  

(My medical degree has yet to arrive in the mail)


I have had good luck with Botox injections that help relax the gripping hold of my toes.


What the?
What the?



I also own a full compliment of devices seemingly invented by mad scientists to stretch, bend flex & hold my piggies in natural shape.


Bands, braces, belts, rollers, weights, calf stretchers, AFO’s, sprinter sticks, Dynasplints….




Kinky fun!
Kinky fun!


I even use this thing.


Don’t know what the hell it is, but it appears to be something found at an adult toy store.


Whatever it is, it feels good to roll on my feet & legs!



A pediatrist's nightmare.
A pediatrist’s nightmare.



Spasticity can be a relentless SOB.

It is my biggest challenge in the battle with MS.

But spasticity can be minimized with persistent effort, attention and sound medical advice.

Not to mention a visit to the neighborhood adult toy store.


Good luck & keep moving!