Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine Gift Ideas


Let's go shopping!
Let’s go shopping!



Valentine’s Day is upon us once again.

Not so much a Hallmark holiday, thus you kind of feel the need to make an effort to surprise your loved ones with something special.

But what, you ask.


Problem solved as My Odd Sock has been browsing the ads for the absolute token of love!


Here are three quick gift ideas sure to please…..



For Him


Thanks Papa John's!
Thanks Papa John’s!

It’s been said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…

…prompting Papa John’s to check-in with this heart-shaped pizza & double-chocolate chip brownie!

It’s the perfect way to share your love…and heart disease.

Yes, A-fib never tasted so good.

So touching, your man will thank you over & over again…from the ICU.


What’s next…..



For The Kids


Luke, hand me that sweet.
Luke, hand me that sweet.


Who could forget the darling children!

How about some delicious Star Wars character candy?


Yeah no one epitomizes the true meaning of love & passion more than Darth Vader!


All that heavy breathing.  In space, the pollen count must be infinite.  Someone grab Darth’s aspirator!





For Her


Hey now!
Hey now!

Gander Mountain has finally come up with a better gift idea than meal worms.


On the left, save 20% on their entire selection of Thigh garter holsters!

This gift will pack the heat…AND her sidearm!

Him:   “Are you dressed yet?  We’re late.”

Her:   “I’m trying.  Honey, does this Ruger     make my legs look fat?”

Him:   “I told you to wear the Smith & Wesson!”


On the right, romantics will love Gander Mountain’s sexy lingerie & nighties from Browning, a name synonomous with firearms…and lacy underthings!

It promises to heat up in the duck-blind when she undresses down to this camo-combo!

You better put the safety on ‘cuz you wouldn’t want your gun to go off prematurely.


So who said Valentine’s Day shopping is difficult?

At My Odd Sock, we have the gift ideas for everyone on your list.

May your day be filled with love.

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