MS Bookmobile

MS Bookmobile



Let's get reading!
Let’s get reading!




It’s time for everyone’s favorite…a visit from the MS Bookmobile!


“What’s the MS Bookmobile?” you ask.


Well, the MS Bookmobile is an MS library on wheels.  ALL your favorite books of literature, rewritten with an MS point-of-view!


Now run & get your library card as we check out these titles…..


“20,000 Lesions Under The Skull.”


“The Contrast In The Dye” by J.D. Salinger


A heartwarming true story.
A heartwarming true story.


“My Bruise is The Color Purple.”


“The Hugging Games” by Suzanne Collins


“Myelin Kampf.”


“Where The Jumpy Legs Are” by Maurice Sendak



“The Girl With The Draggin Foot.”


Be still when reading this!
Be still when reading this!



“The Perks of Being A Wall-Walker” by Stephen Chbosky



“Harry Potter and the Shower Chair.”


“Who Moved My Shoes?”


“Farenheit 451- Get My Cooling Vest”


“Oh, The Places You’ll Go Potty”


Sexy reading!
Sexy reading!



“White Spots and Ham.”


and finally…


“What To Expect When You’re Expecting A Relapse.”



Yep, some mighty good reading if you ask me.

Are there any books YOU would like to find in the MS Bookmobile?

Please share the title & we’ll reserve your copy!

Now let me grab my cheaters…I’ve got some reading to do!








5 Replies to “MS Bookmobile”

  1. “The World According to Montel”….. Note: This book has been banned by the National MS Association and removed from all shelves. You may still be able to find a copy in the Fiction section of “Barnes and Noble”.

  2. Margaret,

    That’s a classic, I’ll have to look for that one!
    Thanks for your very funny comment!

  3. I’m in McDonalds reading this and laughing out loud! Not just LOL, honest to goodness Laughing Out Loud! Myelin Kampf is hysterical. I’ll recommend this to my humanities professor.

  4. Thanks Dan!
    I almost left Myelin Kampf out for fear of offending someone—then I remembered My Odd Sock is offensive to everyone.