My Odd Sock’s “Picture This”

My Odd Sock’s “Picture This”



Smile & play!
Smile & play!



Welcome to My Odd Sock’s “Picture This.”


It’s the MS-themed game enjoyed by gimps of all ages!


How To Play:

“Picture This” is as easy to play as filling out a 1040 long form!

My Odd Sock will give you a picture along with three clever (Yeah right) captions.

You simply must choose the answer that best describes the picture.

There is no correct answer and you’ll win nothing, so this is just another complete waste of time from your host with the most, My Odd Sock.

Let’s play “Picture This”…..



Picture #1, hmm...
Picture #1, hmm…



Picture #1 shows:


A)  A patient getting an MRI

B)  A patient laying still during a procedure

C)  Birth of a breech baby






Picture #2  What on Earth?
Picture #2 What on Earth?

Picture #2 is:

A)  Gilenya, a popular treatment for MS

B)  The structural formula of Fingolimod

C)  Something crawling in your garden




Watch your step
Watch your step



Picture #3 displays:


A)  Proper technique using a cane

B)  Careful foot placement for steady balance

C)  MSer avoiding small pile of dog poo







So comfy!
So comfy!


Picture #4 reveals:


A)  a lady relaxing after a busy day

B)  a lady enjoying a recliner

C)  someone getting way too comfortable before realizing she must pee






Picture #5
Picture #5


Picture #5 is:


A)  diagram of relapsing-remitting episodes

B)  how RRMS has periods of ups & downs

C)  a staircase that is impossible to climb





Picture #6  Woops!
Picture #6 Woops!


Picture #6 demonstrates:


A)  a yoga pose

B)  proper form

C)  an MSer doing a faceplant





Picture #7
Picture #7


Picture #7 shows:


A)  an accessible bathroom

B)  the correct placement of handrails & grab-bars

C)  gymnastics equipment





Picture #8
Picture #8



Picture #8 displays:


A)  common symptoms of MS

B)  how MS can vary among patients

C)  a guy with weird tattoos







Picture #9
Picture #9



Picture #9 is:


A)  spare parts for mannequins

B)  an unused display at Kohl’s

C)  the cost of any MS treatment




and finally


Picture #10
Picture #10


Picture #10 demonstrates:


A)  a great way to baste a turkey

B)  how to prepare a juicy Thanksgiving feast

C)  confusion giving the bird an injection of Rebif & you a shot of turkey broth