Dumb Stuff

Dumb Stuff



Isn't it all dumb stuff?
Isn’t it all dumb stuff?



From time to time I find it necessary to clean out the inbox at My Odd Sock.

Getting rid of all the loose ends and make this place respectable again.

(Like it ever had any respect!)


So, let’s get busy, shall we?



First up…..


Oh boy, dig in!
Oh boy, dig in!















Here’s an ad for the new product “Olives To Go.”

“Wholesome snack, easy to pack.”

Yes, yes I agree.  But what kid is asking for olives in their lunch bag?…..John Gotti’s grandson?

This kid must go to a Mafia prep-school.

Instead of milk, they serve martinis.

And the mom packing olives in a kid’s lunchbag must be the lady from TV’s “Mob Wives!”

I wonder what else is this kid “packing?”

I’m half-Greek and I never once asked mom to pack olives in my lunch.  Even Zeus’ son said…”Gimme a peanut butter sandwich.”


I don’t see a real market for this product, but what do I know.


What’s next…..



Read all about it!
Read all about it!















Careful, This headline is not what you may think.

Note the spelling.

“Seaman” is the supsect’s name—not the substance.

In a quick glance it get your attention though.




Finally, this newspaper article gets the award for the stupidest headline…


Really now?
Really now?
















No S***!


Yep, dumb stuff indeed.

Have a tremendous day.