It's adding up
It’s adding up

Blowing the dust off this old My Odd Sock as the Duggars are in the news again.  Enjoy…


Here in the United States we are facing a serious problem.


It’s not National health care.

Not rampent unemployment.

Not bank foreclosures.


These problems pale in comparison.


I’m referring to the ominous “Duggar-demic!”


Yes, “Duggar-demic.”

The Duggars


The Duggars are a young couple from Arkansas, who star in their own TV reality series  with their 19 children.  Nineteen naturally born offspring!  And the Duggars are only in their early 40’s, so more Duggars could be on the way!


In fact, the eldest Duggar just had a baby–kicking off a whole new second generation of Duggars.  And it’s just the Duggar beginning!


That’s repro”Dugg” tion gone mad!

A classic misunderstanding



The Bible says to “Be fruitful and multiply.”  But the Duggars must have thought it said “Multiply like a fruit fly!”


Soon the entire world will be overrun with Duggars!



Let me prove my point.

The average gestation period (conception to birth) of humans is 275 days.  If every Duggar reproduces to his or her full Duggar potential, by the year 2020, we could have 252 Duggars!

(365 x 10 years= 3,650 days  3,650 divided by 275= 13.27 births  13.27 x 19 Duggars= 252.18 new Duggars!)


Add another 10 years (2030) and the world will have 3,598.55 Duggars.


My calculator is smoking!

bob barker


Forget about stray dogs & cats, we need Bob Barker to speak about having your Duggar spayed and neutered!



Want to know what woke this odd sock from a deep sleep?

….The thought of a Duggar being involved with Octomom!


Add Octomom’s family of 14 into the mix and by the year 2030, you could be sharing the world with 47,917.97 “Octo-Duggars!”


That’s a future family reunion big enough to be held in the new Dallas Cowboy’s stadium!


Maybe now you can understand My Odd Sock’s point of an impending Duggar-demic.

May you rest peacefully this evening.



4 Replies to “Duggar-Demic”

  1. I see you saw the show was on TV last night. It’s definitely not my cup of tea.

    1. Speck,
      I did not get to see the TV show–Thursday’s are my night to wash my hair.

  2. I watch that show religiously!(no pun intended!) It is like a 23 car pile-up! (where undoubtedly someone would come out pregnant. Michelle needs to listen to Nancy Regan and “Just Say NO!”