Got No Feeling

Got No Feeling

Please enjoy this bloody (seriously) old My Odd Sock.  I’m light-headed from loss of blood! 

Warning:  The following My Odd Sock contains graphic images of blood and gore.  The squeamish and those with weak stomachs look away.


Now you MUST read on, right?


Brain Scan


Multiple sclerosis has taken away my feeling.

I have no feeling from my armpits to my toenails.


(And some may add that I am “flat-lining” from the neck up as well!)



Don’t be confused….MS has swiped my feeling—but it also has intensified my feelingS.



Yeah, even cartoons break me up.  Turn on the “Rugrats Mother’s Day Special” and watch me blubber like a BP shareholder!



But this isn’t about “feelingS”….it’s about “feeling,” and the lack thereof.

I’m sure you & I are riding in the same boat–as we both share a lackadaisical nervous system.

It’s especially dangerous when handling something extremely hot or frigid cold.  By the time the too hot/too cold message takes the Pony Express to reach the brain–our skin looks like a slice of fried bologna!

The hot/cold thing is a problem to be aware of, but not my reason for writing.


I’m most concerned with how I end up with an endless collection of cuts, scrapes, bruises, scratches, wounds, gashes and gouges (Sounds like the sadistic Seven Dwarfs!).


Blood, not ketchup


Take yesterday for example.  I THINK I scraped my knee when picking up sticks in the backyard.

But I’m not sure.





Healing wound


Or this old wound.

Because my legs scissor together more than a seamstress at JoAnn Fabrics, my big toenail on my right foot routinely goes “left of center” and scratches the heel of my left.  My only clue to when this occurred was the faint feeling of blood drying on my skin.

It happens often….But I’m not sure when.



Pedicure please!


Then, yesterday again, I gouged my toe on something in the shower.

I dropped the soap, leaned over to pick it up, my knees buckled and I tumbled like the gymnast Mary Lou Rotten (NOT Retton–Rotten!) cutting my toe in the process.

Once again, I’m not sure how.



All because I got no feeling.

How about you?  Raise your hand and tell me this happens to you too.  Are you like me and need a padded body suit?

Maybe we can go together and get a buy-one-get-one deal!

Wishful thinking when you got no feeling.

Shameless sponsor plug


This My Odd Sock has been brought to you by Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages.






7 Replies to “Got No Feeling”

  1. I was diagnosed in March of this year, and only last month I awoke to the wonderful feeling of having no feeling all over my body. Not a pleasant thing to wake up to. I also have problems with hurting myself and not knowing why. Mainly no blood, just random mysterious bruises that show up. I have no idea what happened, they just appear. Another big problem is dropping stuff. Not so much fun when a drinking glass hits the floor. Especially with two little ones. At least I’m not alone. I found this site thanks to the NMSS magazine. Thank you so much for your stories. They really brighten my day. Keep them coming!

  2. Crystal,

    Thank you for visiting & your comment.
    I love the line “I awoke to the wonderful feeling of having no feeling..”.

    Plus, I’ve gone back to using plastic cups to drink from…..I mean, we’re talking sippy cups! (With little ones I know you have some of those in your cupboard!)

    Have a tremendous day.

    My Odd Sock
    Chairman of the Bored

  3. I love your stories. I also found you thru the NMSS magazine. This story caught my eye because of the picture of your foot. Your toe looks like mine. lol I have foot drop and no feeling in my feet and hands. I find walking without shoes in my home easier. This results in at least one or more bloody toes. I’ve also been to the ER for glass in my foot. Please don’t suggest I wear shoes. I have braces but I grip the floor with my toes. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences in such a humorous way. I love your outlook!

  4. Dianne,

    I would never suggest you wear shoes.

    In fact, do like I do and let your toenails grow long so you can dig into the floor better!

    I sound like a dog walking across a wood floor!

    Thank you so much for visiting My Odd Sock. Come back soon!

  5. I love trying to explain to someone why you can’t do something – say, make a casserole – because when you pulled the last one out of the oven, the extra juice poured down your leg. They proceed to ask you every time they see you “Is your burn better? Does it still hurt?” No, it doesn’t hurt, weren’t you listening when I said I couldn’t feel it?
    Keep up the good work (I wish I could take my bitterness and make it funny like you do!)

  6. Again when things seem so blue here, I can bring up your page and for a moment laugh at the often unlaughable. I like you have lost feeling (not nearly as much space is covered but non-the-less). There is nothing worse then the feeling of standing up after sitting or laying somewhere to realize that you can’t tell that your feet are actually on the floor. What a strange sensation to have to actually look down in order to make your brain comprehend that your feet weren’t taken away by some mini-termites as you lounged. The cuts and bruises, I just figured, were a entertaining way to map where you have been lately. I mean after all, I can tell which table and chair I have passed in the last few hours by the height of the bruises on my legs. And my feet no longer look pretty in sandals as they once had. Now I have crooked toes (from them breaking when they run into furniture without my knowing), bruises, scrapes, cuts, blisters and on and on. Thanks so much for bringing humor to the mundane!

  7. I can understand completely. Nothing like battle wounds and having no clue where they came from. Oh, a cut, a bruise, a welt, a WTH. The fun part is still trying to wear contacts…I get plenty of laughs at times while trying to put them in…until another member of our family platoon jumps to the rescue. Mainly because they’re about to have an accident in laughter.