Two Quick Bits

Two Quick Bits



Cheesy graphic to open.
Cheesy graphic to open.



Through the years, My Odd Sock has proven you don’t have to look far to find something funny.

(Usually skipping My Odd Sock and visiting another humor site will suffice!)


Here are a couple of things I stumbled upon (I have MS–shit happens) in recent days…..




Toofer Tuesday?
Toofer Tuesday?

First, is this advertisement for a dental clinic.


The image of those giant, yellowish dentures really jump out to bite you.  (Sorry, I had to pun.)


They look like the candy wax teeth we would chew as kids.


These dentures would be perfect if you were the Joker in a Batman movie!


I want to wind them up so they chatter across the table!


And I like the $50 off coupon.

Competent, qualified dentists are known for accepting coupons.  (Wonder if they “double” the value on Tuesdays?)



Next, I found this item in the local newspaper…..



Writing fun!
Writing fun!



Yeah, this will be a fun event!


You can learn to write your own obituary.

So, I guess you must be near death to attend?


“Reservations are required”, so if your time is up—don’t delay, call now!


Would it be too much to attend dressed as the Grim Reaper and greet people as the come & go?


I assume morticians will also be on hand to make final arrangements!


And a free lunch will be served.  (I hope it is a light lunch as I would hate to die on a full tummy!)




That’s all I have.  Keep your eyes peeled as there is funny stuff all around…stuff guaranteed to make you smile!

Thanks for reading and (hopefully) laughing with My Odd Sock.


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