How Are You?

How Are You?

We'll open with a greeting.
We’ll open with a greeting.


How are you?” is an honest enough question.

But if you have cancer, MS, the bubonic plague or anything in between…you tend to hear that question more than usual.

Ad nauseum, in fact.

It’s a toss-up to what I hear more often…”How are you?…or the two guys eating at Sonic.  (I get it—they like Sonic!)


Sometimes people put a mushy-sweet spin on the “you.”

“How are yooouu?  Like they are talking to a poor, pitiful darling.

I’m a dude with multiple sclerosis–not a pooch in a pet shop!


But this rant isn’t about the question—it’s about your answer.



Be nice, now.
Be nice, now.


How do you respond when asked “How are you?”

Are you honest?  Sarcastic?  Dramatic?  Snarky?  Deflective?  Truthful?  Sympathetic?

Most times I give a quick “I’m fine” while throwing the ball back in their court with a simple “How ’bout you?” followed by a question about their kids/spouse/job/pet/car or anything I can think of so I don’t have to answer their question “How are you?”




What does this mean?
What does this mean?




Your response may be different depending on who is asking…a family member or close friend probably gets a more honest answer.

While a casual acquaintance receives the polite brush-off.





Sock has wood.
Sock has wood.



You may want to look at it this way…does this person really want to hear about your fatigue, spasticity, memory issues, bladder accidents, vision or pain?


Naw, it’s not worth it. so give’em the nicey-nice brush off response.






Yes you are.  Yes you are.
Yes you are. Yes you are.


Some folks like to say…”I’m living the dream.”


Honestly, this snippy answer annoys me.  I hear this from people who are working, walking & functioning normally.  I’m annoyed because this turd has no idea how his or her world could be much much worse.


I suggest they better squeeze the life out of every moment, because tomorrow could paint a way different picture!



That's all we can do!
That’s all we can do!


Personally, I prefer to take the middle road and respond with an answer that is all of the above.

Not too snarky.

Not too revealing.

Yet, it addresses my MS & my daily struggles.  Along with a hint of perseverance, fight and pride.

I’m doin’ my best.

And so should you.









3 Replies to “How Are You?”

  1. One of your best by far. I too have trouble with this answer. My quick response is also ” I’m fine”. Really who genuinely cares ( I’d say only a handful of people…if only). I have gotten snobby and sarcastic, my defense most of the time! Thanks again for putting my thoughts into words!

  2. When people ask me “How are you?”, I respond “I’m existing”. Am I being snarky, sarcastic? Nope, just being truthful. 🙂

  3. Great thoughts… I’ve started just saying “hanging in..” to that question and I don’t even know what that means. I used to answer truthfully but got sick of whatever I said, people responding with, “oh, I get that too…” Beyond annoying, especially because it is not true! Sorry folks, you might get something minimally similar but you DON’T get that all the time… Makes me crazy….