Inspirational Calendar

Inspirational Calendar


I’m a sucker for inspiration.

A devotee of motivation.

A disciple of anything that puts a skip in my step and fire in my belly.  (Was that “inspiration” or did I just eat a spicy taco?)


Anywho, my point is, I love articles, bits & chutneys that give me a good feeling to get up & get going.


Little package.  Big inspiration.
Little package. Big inspiration.


That’s why I love the little day-by-day calendar that sits atop our microwave.


This cherished gem gives me a daily boost of quiet spirit.


It includes quotes from famed leaders & philosophers, historical figures, celebrities, achievers and Bibles verses as well.


It is simply a bright way to begin each day!


Just this week, one such quote forced me to scratch my ginormous melon head…..


Feeling inspired yet?
Feeling inspired yet?


“What we love we shall grow to resemble.”


I don’t know about you, but I think of everyone out there who is now looking at their spouse/partner/mate—and going…”Ewwwwwwww!”


Can’t imagine my wife with a receding hairline, big schnooze, big ears, gross feet and hair on her back.  (Yes, I’m a real catch!)

And that’s on a good day!



Then you may notice who came up with this…..St. Bernard.

Of course, St. Bernard would say something like this—who would want to look like him?

Really, who was St. Bernard anyway?  Never heard of such a person.


In fact, it took many hours of research to finally uncover a picture of him…..


Wipe the drowl, please.
Wipe the drowl, please.



Yep, I’ll be.

St. Bernard existed.  (Bloodshot eyes and all)


Let’s just hope you don’t grow to resemble him.


Be inspired!








2 Replies to “Inspirational Calendar”

  1. The only thing that inspires me is reading an article about “reducing clutter”, or watching those “hoarder shows”. FYI, I am an “OCD organizer”, and maybe a “pack rat”, but not a “hoarder”. I always have the motivation to throw something out after reading or watching these type of shows. My neighbor always teases me that I save everything and “gift wrap” my garbage. However, I’m the one laughing when he comes over for an envelope, or a bandaid for his grandchild. He never needs to run to the store, he can just walk over to my house. 🙂 #pathetic

  2. But I don’t wanna look like chocolate chip cookkes-wahhhhh!

    By the way, you inspire us all and your not even a calendar!