I Told You, Remember?

I Told You, Remember?


Fancy title page.
Fancy title page.

“I told you, remember?”

I don’t know about you, but I get that alot.


During conversations with loved ones, I’ll ask a question and hear “I told you, remember?” as their response.

Sometimes it clicks and I’ll say…”Oh yeah.”

Other times it fizzles & peters out like a damp firecracker.




Being honest, really.
Being honest, really.


Is this the dreaded MS-related “cog-fog?”  A memory lapse?  A neurological short-circuit synapsis?


Call it what you want—it’s a pain in my rear end.


And what bothers me most is that it is happening with more & more frequency.




Quit it brain!
Quit it brain!

My wife says I should get my hearing checked, but I disagree that’s the problem.


For over 20 years, I produced lame commercials at a radio station.  So I am trained to hear clips & pops so faint a Beagle would tilt its head.


At church I can hear a fart from six pews back…but don’t ask me to remember what I just heard!




Not good with a knife & fork
Not good with a knife & fork


Some folks respond by talking to me louder…and slower.


Yeah that helps.


What am I in kindergarten?


Is it my day to be line-leader, I forgot?



I flunked penmanship.
I flunked penmanship.


Thus, my predicament must be MS-related I assume.

The Swiss-cheese myelin of my brain makes collecting a thought as porous as eating soup from a strainer.

Like wearing fish-net stockings is really chilly.  (Again, I assume.  I have no experience wearing stockings.  At least none I’ll admit publically.)





So how do we deal with this?

Grin & bear it?  Focus & listen harder?  Shrug our shoulders and shake our heads side-to-side?

I remind you with…”I told you, remember?”

And you’ll say…”Oh yeah.”


2 Replies to “I Told You, Remember?”

  1. This really hits home, ask my husband. Also forget what words to use ( I’m assuming how a stroke patient feels) I just had this conversation, thanks for keeping me grounded!

  2. I can totally relate to this. BUT, sometimes I think our loved ones are just messing with us. Example- ‘When are you going to give me that $5000? What? You don’t remember? I asked you a couple of days ago and you said, sure, fine!”

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