What’d The Doctor Say?

What’d The Doctor Say?

Because I have “nothing” new, hope you enjoy this gently-used My Odd Sock.



Last week I had my semi-annual check-up with my doctor.





Ah, no not THAT kind of a doctor.  I’m a dude!





No, not that kind of a doc either!!


It was a visit with my neurologist.  A trip, you and I (those of us with multiple sclerosis) make on a routine basis.

But this isn’t about the usual finger-touch, tow-tap, nine hole peg test kind of examination.


This is about returning home and facing the daunting question………..

“What’d the doctor say?”


To which my typical response (and probably yours) is a simple…….




My ‘nothing” response truly frustrates my family members because they think I’m lying…or not paying attention to the doctor…or hopeless…or whatever.

But I’m not trying to be cute, smug or simplifying the situation—it’s just a ‘nothing.”

And when you’re dealing with the progressive nature of a disease like MS, “nothing” is a good thing!!





Why, I’ve got 14 years of “nothing!”


I’ve made a bank account worth of “nothing” co-pays!





As the old saying goes “No news–is good news.”  Whoever came up with this gem must have had MS, I figure.

I mean, if you’re feeling the same…getting around the same…no changes to note—you’ll take that doctor’s report everytime, right?


Not what you think.  It's mustard!


People ask me “if your doctor can’t do anything about MS–why do you go?”

I tell them I go to my appointment for peace of mind.  And just to confirm I’m doing all I can to keep my dance partner (MS) in check.


That’s all.

Can I get an “Amen” from the congregation?


Have you had similar experiences you can share?  I’d love to hear about them.


Also, I apologize to my concerned family & friends who scoff at my answer to their question of “What’d the doctor say?”


Because nothing is a good thing!

And in another six-months, I hope I have nothing to add.


8 Replies to “What’d The Doctor Say?”

  1. My docs always say too darn much, and I have stopped listening. If I go, they find something else that they can’t do anything about anyway, so I have stopped going.

  2. I like the “nothing” Dr. visits as well. However, mine have had mostly something lately. This usually results in a trip across the street from the Dr. Office to the hospital. Then I have a X-ray or two, a CT scan, and some kind of really dried out crappy chicken. Once they have managed to butcher an IV or two, they take something out and send me on my merry way. I am usually fine for about 6 months and then another part decides it is missing it’s old friend that was removed on the last visit and decides it wants to leave as well. At least I figured out that they had the good kind of red popsicles and will let you have as many as you like.

  3. Nothing IS a good thing I agree. I was diagnosed in 1974. I made the mistake several years ago when I had had several semi annual “nothing” visits that I was going to remain the same for the rest of my life. I quit going to my neurologist and then after about 6 years I had an exacerbation and no one knowledgeable to call. Like most of us I don’t care for my partner ms but be cautious, don’t try to deny it. I am back on tract with my visits now and hoping for more “nothings”.

    Just a note. I used to be very upset when people would refer to me as that old “SOB”. Then I discovered, that stands for “Sweet Old Bob”.

    Thanks for your blog!

  4. Nothing has become SOSDD in our home. If something more is up, they already know it. Not to mention the co-pilot that goes to every appointment just to make sure I tell the doctor everything that is happening. “Hunny, I didn’t realize that”, “or that”, “or”, “oh hell, you tell the doc everything”. 😉

  5. Bob,

    I too, have been called an “S.O.B.” many times over the years…but, my name’s not Bob.

    Thanks for your insight. Keep moving.

    Odd Sock

  6. We have to keep going to appointments to get prescription refills – its part of the insurance game. I always have questions even when there is nothing new, but I usually have something new to discuss. Glad for your “nothing” appointments and wish you many more. Maybe someone will go with you next time.

  7. Me too!! 14 years of nothing. Very exciting for us I think. Have been on Avonex this whole time. Would love to take a pill but after looking into it a bit, not so sure. But I enjoyed your words. Take care!