Black Friday Daze Craze

Black Friday Daze Craze


Let's shop!
Let’s shop!



Holiday shopping has begun!


Major retailers have started the barrage of ads & circulars describing huge savings in the days surrounding Black Friday.





Black Friday Crowd 1

Many stores will open their doors to frantic shoppers Thanksgiving night.

While others open early early Black Friday morning.


Only Kmart has said to hell with’em all and will open for biz Thursday morning at 6am!  

And why not.

Kmart understands Thanksgiving is a day we reluctantly gather with our extended family only to overeat and bicker & fuss with endless squabbles.  Why fight when we can be shopping at Kmart!


Black Friday Crowd 2


Not to be outdone, My Odd Sock is open NOW T.F.N. 24/7!


That’s right, My Odd Sock, your home for lame humor w/ an equally lame gait, is open with BIG savings on fun!



SAVE on:




Low-brow humor

and Dull Wit


At My Odd Sock, everything is so pointless we’re giving it away!

Where else but this pathetic site can you find gift ideas like these…


Gift Title

Under this actual ad banner for a local outfitter’s shop were these items…





Pit Bull Defender



Yep, nothing expresses the true meaning of the season like a Brutis Pit Bull Defender.


It’s the perfect gift for those with an urge to gut that cranky store cashier.


And note, the Defender is available in black or dainty pink for the females on your list.





For safety blow-do not suck.
For safety blow-do not suck.



And who couldn’t use a new blowgun?


Yes, this handsome .40 caliber Terminator Blowgun is only $9.99.

You save four dollars!


A blowgun such as this would cost hundreds from a native in the Amazon!





How convenient!
How convenient!


Meanwhile,  Darryl, my gimpy friend at (Please read his incredible story & blog!) sent me this item available from Sharper Image.

It’s the “Cordless Lighted Salt & Pepper Shaker.”

This is useless on SO many counts.

First off, it’s $49.99!  Who in their right mind would drop a Grant on a salt & pepper shaker?

Next, it’s “Lighted.”  Handy for those times when you are seasoning your plate in complete darkness.

Miners will appreciate the lighted shaker, no doubt.

Finally, I’m thankful for the “cordless design.”  Can’t tell you how frustrating it was fumbling with the cord while salting my corn.

Like someone actually said “If only this came in a cordless model.”

Looks as though Sharper Image has lost its edge!




So that does it.

Time’s a wastin.  There are bargains to be had at a store near you.

Enjoy your turkey and let’s shop till we drop.



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2 Replies to “Black Friday Daze Craze”

  1. As David Letterman said, “Black Friday, Cyber Monday to be followed by Maxed Out Tuesday!”. Of course that does not apply to you rich kids.