Power Shopping

Power Shopping

Feeling rather lazy, so please enjoy this rehashed My Odd Sock.  Cheers!



Life presents challenges.

But when you have multiple sclerosis, even the simple challenges can, at times, be mondo burdensome.  Or so I learned on a recent trip to the grocery store.


You see, typically I grocery shop for just a few items at a time—enough to fill one of those hand-held baskets I place on my lap while wheeling myself in my wheelchair.


Slow down Speed Racer!



But on this particular day, I needed to pick up more items than usual…thus my mission (should I choose to accept it) was using one of the store’s power chairs.




Well, you have to do what you have to do, so I climbed aboard and began hauling “snail’s-ass” through the aisles.

I say “snail” because this power cart was “continental drift” slow!


My Odd Sock in the driver's seat



Seriously, it moved so slow by the time I got to the check out line—my milk had expired!


This thing made Disney’s “It’s A Small World” seem like a thrill ride!



Yeah yeah I understand, they can’t have these things supercharged–but when you get hung-up on a squished grape on the floor in produce–you need more power, man!



That being said, it was time to finish my shopping and get out of there before I saw anyone I knew.

“Mr. Odd Sock, how are you?”

Too late.  It was a friend, who also has MS.

“I feel ridiculous using this cart” I said to her.  “It’s my first time.”

“You shouldn’t feel bad.  I’m happy for you” she responded.



My friends’ great attitude was a boost to my own sagging pride.  You see it has been a personal struggle of acceptance all the way in my 14 year slow dance with MS.  Each step was a fight—getting a parking pass, getting a foot brace, a wheelchair, cane, hand controls, yada yada yada.

My Odd Sock power shopping!


And climbing into the seat of that scooter was another hurdle I had to clear.

Because that’s what it’s about—clearing hurdles thrown in your way.  And whether you go through’em, around’em or over’em, the victory, small as it may be, is what life is all about.



“Sorry sir, this coupon has lapsed” said the cashier.

“Well it was good when I got here!”

Damm cart.


8 Replies to “Power Shopping”

  1. I know what you mean about the “damn cart”. I recently spent a few days at Disney World where I used one for the first time. Oddly enough, “#got-a-broken-ankle-by-stepping-in-front-of-a-scooter-at-disney-world” started trending on Twitter the day we left.


  2. Let us go racing
    in our motorized carts
    while shopping for food.

    Let us see how well
    we can resemble nimble,
    swift go-cart drivers.

    Let us zip and dash,
    beep and reverse, cut corners,
    and spark a new trend.

  3. Sorry about that. My finger got spastic and sent off my comment prematurely. That was a poem I wrote in my blog, prompted by an experience at the store where I actually had a “fast” cart. Yeah, it was major for me to climb aboard a cart and I still cringe inside when I run people that I know and see the surprise in their faces. Like you, when I can, I try to see the humor in it.

  4. Thanks to Momentum …I have discovered your blog. I sure wish I had found it sooner since I also believe humor gets you thru life’s crappiest crap. I delight in shocking people with humor. Several years before being diagnosed with MS, I was challenged with breast cancer…my favorite joke was always “I’d give my left you know what for …” while plopping the fake one down on the table. The looks I would get. Priceless. So, thank you…thanks for sharing your humor. I will look forward to reading more from you. Take care and good luck with that cart.

  5. The only time I used a store’s scooter was in a Home Depot. The thing was HUGE for carrying floor tiles etc. I followed a helpful clerk into the necessary aisle to find the needed item. Oh, oh – they were restocking the aisle & had a huge cart thing in it. No way to go around it but how to back up? Just go backwards beeping like a construction site bull dozer! I tried a 3-point (more like 10 point) turn but it wasn’t a pretty sight. I high tailed it out of the store as fast as that sucker could go (not very).

  6. I have to say if it weren’t for the power carts at Wal-Mart, I’d have to give up my fun addition of shopping there. Except for recemtly when I was there and I was invisible to all the shoppers it seemed. I was so frustrated that when I turned that last corner I cut the wheel too soon. I heard this crashing and dragging noise behind me and I have to say I kept going. I thought what should I have done? What could I have dont? I panicked and drove off at a whopping four miles an hour!!!

  7. Store carts are huge and then they tack on big baskets so you have even less clearance when turning. And they make it an obstacle course by adding small displays near end caps. It’s no wonder they set the speed on slow! And battery failures?…don’t get me started on that. I’m glad for my small scooter we take to the store.