My MS Life In A Comic Strip

My MS Life In A Comic Strip


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Despite my five-year journey writing deplorable, low-brow web content for My Odd Sock, a very reputable firm asked me to create some fun, MS related stuff for them as well.

Healthline Networks is an online provider of trusted health information, news and doctor-reviewed resources for readers and their families.

At their website,, you can find great information and support for multiple sclerosis and just about every illness known to man.



Long story short, turned my MS diagnosis story into a comic strip.

So, in my own words and illustrated by Yulia Seliutina, please enjoy “My MS Story Reduced To A Comic.”


MS Comic













































































Also, be sure to visit each Sunday to see my MS “Sunday Funny.”



















2 Replies to “My MS Life In A Comic Strip”

  1. I was diagnosed around 1995, so I’m coming up on an unfortunate 20 year anniversary with our common advisory MS. I’ve been reading My Odd Sock for a couple years now and it always makes me smile. The use of (or over use of) LOL doesn’t mean much many times. However, I truly laughed out loud reading this comic. Thank you

  2. Matt,
    I am more troubled by your two-year interest in My Odd Sock than your 20 year battle with multiple sclerosis.
    Wishing you my best with both afflictions!