Stupid Random Stuff

Stupid Random Stuff

Stupid Random Stuff




If you have read this web page for any length of time, you are aware of two things.


One, you may need professional help.  

And two, My Odd Sock cherishes stupid, random stuff.


That being said, let’s see what’s out there…….



Magazines are known for bold, brash headlines.  Publishers want to catch your eye with titles that entice you to purchase a copy.

But the current issue of “All You” is a little ridiculous….


I need cupcakes with ghosts!
I need cupcakes with ghosts!


“41 new ways to save on EVERYTHING YOU NEED.”

Really?  Everything?  How do they know what I need?  Maybe you need something different from what I need.  How do they know that?

It’s an odd number too…41 ways.  What they couldn’t give us 45 ways?  They got to 41 and said “That’s it, I’m done-could only think of 41.”

And these are “new” ways to save.  Cripes, what are some of the old ways?  I think I missed that issue.

Stealing & shoplifting.  Wonder if that’s considered a new way?


Moving on…..



Coca-Cola had a summer promotion called “Share a Coke” encouraging fans to share a Coke with someone they cared about.

In place of the soft drink’s name on the can were words like “Dad,” “Mom,” “BFF,” “Pal” ect.

Imagine my surprise when I found this can…..





(Actually it’s just a playfully, sad attempt at using Microsoft Paint.)










Runners galore!
Runners galore!



My son purchased a new pair of Brooks brand running shoes.


The shoe box was uniquely designed with illustrations of runners of all ages, types & fitness levels.


Pretty cool.




Then I spied this Where’s Waldo fella….


I'd shake your hand but I got a nipple full of goo.
I’d shake your hand but I got a nipple full of goo.



How weird is it to have the image of this guy right smack dab on top of the box!


He is apparently applying some goo to his nipple to ease chafing.


I am well aware this can be a common problem of long distance runners, but geez dude, do you have to put it on right there during the race?



See I told you this was “Stupid Random Stuff!”

Thanks for visiting.  You’re welcome to hang around but I gotta go—think I’m in need of an ointment to ease a chafing problem



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  1. What I want to know, is why the person to the left of “Mr. Nipple”, is running in the wrong direction?