Help (hic) Wanted

Help (hic) Wanted


Newspaper help wanted

Are you searching for a new opportunity?

Greater challenges?

More pay?

Not just a job, but a career?


For those who answered “Yes,” the newspaper’s Help Wanted section of the classified ads, may be the first place to turn.



But here is an example of the

World’s Worst Help Wanted ad…….


Though I Help Wanted 2have watched the movie “Smokey and the Bandit” and once owned a CB radio, I have never been employed as a truck driver.


That being said, I am still intelligent enough NOT to include the word “Loaded” in an ad to recruit new drivers!


If “Loaded” was the best word they could come up with…just imagine what words DIDN’T make the cut!







Using “Loaded” to describe a job as a truck driver would be similar to using “Addictive” to define work at a pharmacy!


If you are interested, please text for more information.  

And for God’s sake, let’s hope you aren’t texting while driving!






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