One Dedicated Worker

One Dedicated Worker



Have you heard the one about the Americans being too afraid to take a day off work?

It’s no joke.

A recent survey conducted by a market research firm, polled over 1,300 workers to find that 40 percent of us don’t use all of our paid time off.

Never takes a vacation.  Never misses a day.

I know someone like that—or something.  You do as well.

It’s MS.


Looks like a busy day.
Looks like a busy day.


My dang MS hasn’t taken a day off in years!


Multiple sclerosis works harder than a third-world child laborer in a Nike shoe factory.


It is going, going, going.  Nonstop.  24/7.





The twitching.  The muscle spasms.  The wispy, tickling feeling.  The over-active bladder.  The mental lapses.  The fatigue.

Stop me before I drone on more.


My point is, multiple sclerosis is so actively productive, it makes WWII’s German labor camps seem like a bunch of slackers.


Will return


My MS didn’t take any time off to recognize my recent birthday.


Nor did it relax during the Labor Day holiday.


Weekends?  Pfft.


Overtime?  Damn straight!


My MS never stops working.  It’s an Energizer Bunny on steroids.


And I must give MS credit where credit is due.

MS is determined to do what it wants to do.  To reek, wreck & destroy.


MS ALWAYS wins this honor!
MS ALWAYS wins this honor!



Which is even more reason for you to fight back with a vengeance.


Follow your treatment plan, whatever that may be.

Stick to a healthy diet.  (Remember, you don’t put crap gasoline in your car, so why put it in your body.)

Move.  Stretch.  Reach.

Exercise those muscles best you can.

And don’t forget your brain.  Read, count & remember.



Yep, multiple sclerosis is one dedicated worker.

MS checks in early and never clocks out.

But you’re a pretty tough cookie yourself.

Show MS who’s the boss.



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  1. This is a funny observance of how faithful MS is…..sadly it doesn’t take off. I do get moments that I can forget about MS now