Last Minute Back To School Shopping

Last Minute Back To School Shopping

Back to School


Many of our students are back in the classroom, but that doesn’t mean it’s not too late to pick up those ridiculous items retailers think we can’t do without.


And who better than My Odd Sock to point out the dumbest products you’ll never need.


Let’s get started and not waste another moment of class time!




Beard Shirt


JCPenney clocks in with this spiffy shirt.



It’s perfect for those pre-pubescent lads who dream of bearded bliss.



Honestly, the end of the whole Duck Dynasty/Unibomber look can’t get here quick enough for me.



With clothing designs like this, is it any surprise JCPenney is hemorrhaging for customers?






Don't look at the red dot!
Don’t look at the red dot!


Next we have Ikea hawking this ominous looking table lamp.


I think if I stare at the red dot long enough, this lamp would command me to kill.


Doesn’t this look like something from a Disney/Pixar movie?


Like it or hate it, this lamp is erie odd.


Let’s move on.



Stool Lamp



Quite possibly the dumbest item of the season belongs to this LED Stool Lamp, also from Ikea.


It’s a lamp.  And a stool.


You know, I’m a big fan of light for reading, watching TV or using a computer….but I really don’t need something to illuminate my ass.


Much less, spend an evening sitting on a burning light bulb.


Novel idea for tying ones shoes, but not $70 bucks novel!









Here you go, just what all students need.

A backpack…..with spikes!


What is this?  Bully proof?



The police could use this backpack like spike strips to throw under the tires of a fleeing vehicle.

Sorry, but if this is considered “fashion”, I’m even more comfortable being an old “fuddy-duddy.”

Next please….





Let’s head back to Ikea to check out this technicolor loveseat.


Wow, the colors in this design!

Nothing promises to throw you into a seizure faster.

Rainbows are envious.

They don’t have that many fluorescent colors in the highlighter display at Office Max.

Even hippies think it’s too tripped out.


Moving along…







Bed Cups


My favorite store, Bed Bath & Beyond checks in with these Red Cup Bed Lifts.


Nothing like reminding young underage drinkers not to forget the infamous red Solo cups for this weekend’s big beer pong competition.


“Hmm, I could use them to create space…OR, play a drinking game.”


After a night of drinking, use two cups to elevate the head of your bed to avoid choking on your own vomit.








Dog Bed

Meanwhile, the strangest item in Bed Bath & Beyond’s back to school circular has to be this doggy bed.


First of all, what does this have to do with back to school?


Just because you photoshop a graduation cap onto the pooch’s head does NOT make this school related.


Have you ever seen a dog wearing a mortarboard?  Unless it went to obedience school that is….graduated at the top of its litter.

With honors…”Sitta Come Lay-down.”


Probably got an “A” because it was humping the teacher’s leg.  (I’m speculating, of course.)





Lastly, because young minds need to start their day with a nutritious breakfast, Walmart offers savings on these popular morning favorites….


Breakfast Items











Mmm, Fiber One Bars…Cheerios with protein…Pillsbury Toaster Strudel and…..Totino Pizza Rolls!

Pizza Rolls are probably the breakfast of choice if you’re the one buying the Red Cup Bed Lifts!


Happy shopping everyone.  Enjoy the school year!



3 Replies to “Last Minute Back To School Shopping”

  1. I confess, there is one thing on your list I actually want. Helpful hint: I have 2 sets of Bed Lifts I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond, that I have under the legs of my computer table, and desk. They are perfect to rise up the furniture to fit your wheelchair under. Mine are “standard looking”, but the “red solo cups” would be a “conversation piece”. I have a collection of 20% off coupons. Now I know what I want to buy. 🙂

  2. Margaret,
    Who DOESN’T have a collection of coupons from BB&B! They send out a couple each week.
    Thanks for your comment.

    They are all around you…in the mail…in the newspaper.
    Thank you for your comment.