Surface Tension

Surface Tension

surface tensionSurface tension is defined as the tendency of the surface of a liquid to resist an external force.

In Odd Sock’s world, that means we can’t walk on water because the weight of our big butt is more than the water surface can support.

But in the world of multiple sclerosis, surface tension is a whole ‘nother ball game.

Yep, when you have MS, “surface tension” is the constant awareness, worry, concern, alert, vigilance, fear & attention to your every step.  Careful caution is required with each foot fall or your ungraceful, tentative gait.

The slightest deviation in grade, latitude, pitch, tilt, slant, slope or seemingly, the rotation of the Earth can throw an MSer off kilter.

And if you have MS-related foot drop, walking gets even more perilous.

Some of my favorite “surface tension” causing surfaces include…

Friggin mow why don't you!
Friggin mow why don't you!


I dread walking on grass—even with a rollator.

Tall grass (like my yard) is worse.

In fact the only good thing about walking in grass…is a soft surface to catch my fall!

Stone me to death, please!
Stone me to death, please!


Great for the Roman’s to use for building fortresses, but difficult for one with MS to go-go with any mo-jo.

David brought down Goliath with a single stone.  A walkway of loose stones can bring down an entire support group of MSers!

The Three Little Pigs built a house of bricks, not a sidewalk!
The Three Little Pigs built a house of bricks, not a sidewalk!


The same with bricks.

With corners & uneven edges, a brick walkway is a hazardous hell for those with MS.

Don't tread on me!
Don't tread on me!


Cobblestones are rarely found in the U.S., but are quite common in jolly ol England.

I only mention them because while being pushed in my wheelchair over cobblestones causes my body to have a complete, head-to-toe spasm.  It’s not a pretty sight so I prefer to avoid them at all cost.

Ooof, it's a long haul.
Ooof, it's a long haul.


Walking uphill can be tough for anyone, but even the slightest incline and this odd sock struggles.

Going uphill forces my “poop-stoop” forward lean to be even more pronounced.

Stand up straight you goof!

Ah Oh, downhill beckons.
Ah Oh, downhill beckons.


If walking uphill is difficult, walking downhill is absolutely terrifying.

Quite possibly the scariest hike on can take, going downhill is a constant struggle to maintain balance & sanity.

Whether using canes or a rollator, a downhill trek is scarier than your first experience entering an MRI.



Whatever these are!


Walking on hot coals.

Then again, don’t have much feeling in our feet!

walking on broken glass

Walking on broken glass.

Walking with multiple sclerosis can be difficult enough.

But add a facade of grass or bricks or stones or bumps and you get real surface tension.

Keep walking…carefully!