My Odd Sock’s MS Emoticons

My Odd Sock’s MS Emoticons


Sharing emoticons in our modern-day communications have become as popular as sharing the cold virus with a handshake.

The cutesy smiling face 🙂 adds a happy tone to a sentence.

While a frowny face 🙁 can alert others you are not having a good day.

As frequently as emoticons are used in emails & text messages, My Odd Sock realized those of us with multiple sclerosis can sometimes feel left out…We, as MSers, need our own special emoticons to use when discussing our often quirky disease.

Here are several MS-related emoticons you can use in your everyday communications….


Shot Night

*——>  🙁

The hot sun is pooping me out.

<:|>  <:|>  <:|>

My sleepy head is bobbing up & down wile watching TV.


I’m inside the MRI tube.


Wheelchair rolling really fast.


Relapsing-Remitting MS.


Foot drop on my right side.


Phew, my gait is unsteady today.


Bladder control problems (Dribbling).

X—–___ ($#@&!)

Tripping over a throw-rug & cussing.


Just had an appointment with the neurologist.


Got up three times last night to pee.

Using these emoticons, discussing your multiple sclerosis will be quick & easy!

Care to share any emoticons of your own?  We’d love to enjoy them!


3 Replies to “My Odd Sock’s MS Emoticons”

  1. Love these! I too feel left out by the current emoticons. With me, my MS brain can never remember how to type them! These, I think, I would remember….

  2. Yvonne,
    Yeah, I don’t use emoticons either–we’re in the same boat!

    Thank you Kerri. Being dropped as a young child works wonders with the imagination.