You’re Not The Only One

You’re Not The Only One

washington redskins logoThe battle has been ongoing.

With both sides standing their ground.

Native Americans say the Washington Redskins’ name & logo are offensive and demand a change.  Meanwhile, Redskin ownership say the name is legendary and will remain in place.

Yeah, in the day of political correctness, the Redskin name & logo probably ARE demeaning to Native Americans.

But it is not the only one.

Fact is, there are numerous company logos that are offensive to certain groups, races, ethics, character types–you name it!

Let’s look at a few…

In the National Football League, the Redskins aren’t the only team to come under fire.

Miami Dolphins old  new logo

In 2013 the Miami Dolphins changed their logo from the famous helmet-clad dolphin on the left to the streamlined version on the right.

I suspect pressure from animal rights groups forced the change by calling it cruel to put a football helmet on a dolphin.

(It’s covering the blowhole, you know.)

Sherwin Willams logo

I’m shocked environmental groups haven’t protested Sherwin Williams to change its “paint globbing the world” logo.

The image wouldn’t be as dramatic had Sherwin Williams chosen an earth tome color instead of red!

On the positive, with everything the same color, we won’t notice the shrinking of the polar ice caps!

AAAH, I need my latte espresso with a double shot.
AAAH, I need my latte espresso with a double shot.

There is the Starbucks logo that reminds me of every morning zombie who can’t function before slurping that first cup of joe.

Girl Scouts logo

Even the logo for the Girl Scouts.

Lesbian three-somes?

Do they give a merit badge for that?

Lastly I hold a personal grudge against the Bic company…

Bic Logo

Captain of the cranial team
Captain of the cranial team

From one big head to another, I feel for the character in the logo and sympathize with it a lifetime struggle to pull a shirt over an enormous noggin.

In the world of big business, corporate identity is everything.

The matter of who you offend isn’t a factor when scraping for market share & third-quarter profits.

Besides, it’s the shareholders you answer to, not a couple of radical protesters.

Business as usual corporate America, business as usual.


2 Replies to “You’re Not The Only One”

  1. After 54 years, the School Board here in Jax. Florida is scheduled to change the name of Nathan B. Forrest High School, the next school year. Mr. Forrest was a Confederate General, who has been revealed to have been the first ”Grand Wizard” of the Ku Klux Klan. This battle has been in the news for years. Alumni and faculty are opposed to the name change. Parents of incoming students don’t want their children going to a school named under those circumstances.

    I have no opinion, didn’t go to that High School. Political correctness is everywhere these days. You open your mouth, you’re bound to offend somebody. Just sayin………….

  2. I get so tired of political correctness….I don’t want to offend but it seems to go on and on