Quit Your Belly-Aching

Quit Your Belly-Aching

It's difficult to buy shirts when you are my size.
It's difficult to buy shirts when you are my size.

If you don’t mind, I gotta get something off my chest.

It’s been bothering me for some time now, so maybe it gets your knickers in a twist as well.

Fact is, I have multiple sclerosis.  You probably have MS too.

Either that or you have some other gimpy malady that lumps you in with us.  (That’s OK as there is plenty of room in our esteemed fraternity!)

But you can’t waste time or precious energy moaning about it.

It’s an easy trap to get caught in.  And it’s one you may have to chew off your foot to escape.

Dang, unlucky roll again!
Dang, unlucky roll again!

Sure you’ve been given a raw deal.

We all have.

But you gotta make the best of your situation and move on.

The reason I bring this up is that I was reading a blog recently that never fails to depress the hell out of me.  The constant moaning of what MS has stolen.  The anxiety.  The depression.  The failure of acceptance.

It's not Gouda.  It's Bad-a!
It's not Gouda. It's Bad-a!

It’s like watching “Dr. Phil” with a bag of chips on your one side and a bowl of Prozac tabs on the other.

I-I-I just can’t roll that way.  And neither should you.

Yes, MS has taken a bite from our dignity, our pride and our bladder control, but we can’t let that rule the roost.

Even in your MS situation (Whatever that may be–we’re all different), you have too much still to do in life.

There is stuff to learn.  To experience.  To touch.  To feel.  (Sounds like a cotton commercial!)

And you’re wasting your time wallowing in self-pity, which isn’t doing you a damn bit of good.

You can't see, but I'm doing the splits now.
You can't see, but I'm doing the splits now.

Yes it’s sad if you are turning to My Odd Sock to be your cheerleader (My legs look fat in short skirts), but you & I together can give some support to others who may need a kick in the drawers.

For now quit the belly-aching and get on with life.

You’ll feel better about yourself and others will notice your zeal.


2 Replies to “Quit Your Belly-Aching”

  1. I agree with your comments. That is one reason I can’t find a support group that I would want to join. My daily mantra is: what is, is. My disease does not define me; my job now is to create a definition of who I am now. The unknown can be very exciting.

  2. Well said my friend.
    MS is just a small small part of who we are. You can’t wallow in the mud of despair. Get up and do what you can.
    Thank you for your feelings Paul!