Juvenile (Toddler) Crime

Juvenile (Toddler) Crime

Juvenile crime

It’s true, juvenile crime is on the increase.

All one needs to do is watch the news, read the paper or go online

and you’ll find stories like these…

…In Vancouver, Washington, an 11 year old boy was arrested for bringing 400 rounds of ammunition & several knives to school.

…In California, a 12 year old was found guilty of killing his father.

…In Nashville, a 14 year old was busted for his involvement in over 100 robberies.

And the crime doesn’t end there…

…In New Mexico, a 13 year old was cuffed & sent to a juvenile detention center for…”burping loudly in gym class.”  (Such a heinous crime!)

Personally, I find this news disturbing.

Today’s criminals are getting younger and younger in age.

But just how young is too young?

Wanted poster

Well, my question was answered just this week, when authorities published this “Wanted” photo in my local paper…

Wanted 2

Accused of drug possession, this female…..is only 3 years old!

My God, where did society go wrong?

Oh sure, this brown-haired, hazel-eyed toddler may look older than three, but that’s what make-up will do.

These dolled-up Pre-K diva’s could easily pass for a middle-schooler in the cafeteria milk line.

And don’t let her size fool you.  At 5′ 2″ and 140 lbs, she was just big-boned as an infant.

Honestly it’s just sad.  So young to be accused of drug possession.

She probably started out with a pacifier.

Who knew a binky would lead to Dum-Dums.  Dum-Dums to Ring Pops.  Ring Pops to Pixie Sticks.  And on & on until they found her on a playground teeter-totter.  Strung-out.  Overdosed on grape Pedialyte.  The sippy-cup still to her lips.

Thankfully she is only accused at this point.  Innocent until proven guilty.

At the age of three, an intervention will be planned.  Followed by a rehab stint at Chuck E. Cheese.

Hope is of the essence to stop this young child’s slide to a life of crime.