MS Fraternity

MS Fraternity

Please enjoy (or chug) this previously used My Odd Sock!

I was checking in at the front desk of the MS Clinic for my appointment when he rolled up behind me.

His name was Andrew, and he too had multiple sclerosis.  He was asking about my manual wheelchair while I asked him about his power wheelchair.  (Wheelchair envy, I suppose!)

We only chatted for about five minutes before my appointment, but I realized we had a lot in common…in terms of MS stuff.

Like most of us with MS, we share similar experiences and have similar stories to tell.

We’re like one big, slow-moving family.

We’re a fraternity, an MS fraternity!

John Belushi

Together, we could do a sequel to “Animal House,” the popular college fraternity comedy, starring John Belushi.

Only our MS version would be called….”Avonex House.”

“Avonex House” follows the crazy MS capers at “Gimpa-Trippa-Fall” fraternity!


(The last Greek letter is actually a sideways “Psi”, but I think it looks like someone falling down!)

fraternity houseGimpa-Trippa-Fall’s “Avonex House” is a picturesque fraternity nestled in a classic, academic setting.

There are no stairs in “Avonex House,” all rooms are on the first floor–with built-in Sharps containers.  And bathrooms…plenty of bathrooms.  You’ll never be more than a few shuffled steps from a potty when the sudden urge hits you.  Because it WILL hit you!

To-GA!  To-GA!  To-GA!
To-GA! To-GA! To-GA!

Home-cooked meals are prepared with love…delicious grub that follows the MS dietary guidlines of Dr. Swank.

Plus, the Gimpa-Trippa-Fall house is the only college fraternity in the country that boasts a complete MRI facility!

And it is all overseen by a gracious house-mother who is a board-certified Neurologist.

Places to park your stuff!
Places to park your stuff!

Outside, “Avonex House” has smooth sidewalks, plenty of disabled parking and special medical equipment bike racks!

Of course, what’s a college fraternity without social activities!

Gimpa-Tripps-Fall hosts the usual Greek mixers—but it is our weekly “Shot Party” that sets us apart!

beer bong

Pictured here are several MS Frat brothers enjoying the “Baclofen bong.”

So you see, the boys of “Animal House” have nothing on us MSers!

We’re a family, a fraternity (and sorority) with similar experiences and giant hope for the future.

Here’s to the members of Gimpa-Tripps-Fall fraternity, a haven of higher education….and shower grab-bars!


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  1. Is there a corresponding Sorority House? I’d like to pledge! Maybe Grabba Oopsilon? We could have some great mixers! Music by the Shuffle-O’s — “When I Fall In Love,” “Ease On Down the Road,” “Oh What a Night”…

  2. Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

  3. I don’t always agree with you (thank God, that would be boring), but I have to tell you you are a great writer.

  4. Hey, you used to write great, but the last few posts have been kinda boring… come on! 😛

  5. Love this one, brother! (It’s fraternity speak, right?). So, then, when we volunteer for the MS Society and get a pin, would that qualify as a PLEDGE PIN??!! ON YOUR UNIFORM?! Thanks for the laughs, and wishing you a great new year!