My Odd Sock MS Midterm Exam

My Odd Sock MS Midterm Exam

Exam TodayWell, you’ve made it halfway through the school year.

But before you can enjoy the holiday break, you must take the dreaded MS Midterm Exam.

Let’s hope you’ve paid attention during your doctor’s visits.  Studied up with Momentum magazine and the other outstanding online MS resources.  And of course, kept up-to-date with the usual brain-numbings from My Odd Sock.

With that, you may begin the My Odd Sock MS Midterm Exam……

Question #1

Miley Cirus

The celebrity/singer pictured here is:

A)  Miley Cyrus

B)  Myelin Cyrus

C)  Crazy Chick

D)  Harriet Nussbaum

E)  Both A & C

Question #2

JennyForrest Gump’s shrimping boat was named:

A)  Jenny

B)  Biogen

C)  Genetic Disorder

Question #3

You are HereWhich answer best represents your visit to the mall:

A)  Restroom, Macy’s, restroom, Old Navy, restroom, Kohl’s, restroom.

B)  Food court visits & samples from Panda House, Sbarro, Mrs. Field’s, Wok & Talk and Deli Belly followed by a long visit to the restroom.

C)  Screw it.  I’ll stay home and shop online.

Question #4


A)  A controversial treatment for MS.

B)  The Roman numeral of this year’s Super Bowl.

C)  The title of the new crime-drama on CBS.

Question #5

Couple of MSers

This symbol describes:

A)  Patients in need of knee-replacement surgery.

B)  MSers suffering with issues of bladder control.

C)  Customer reaction after eating Taco Bell’s “Beefy Cheesy Burrito.”

Question #6

winnebago 2Aubagio is:

A)  An oral MS medication.

B)  A tangy cooking spice.

C)  A popular recreational vehicle.

Question #7

MRI imagePictured to the right is:

A)  A doctor’s best tool for neurological diagnosis.

B)  Brain scans of a person with multiple sclerosis.

C)  The show opening for “The Brady Bunch–Head Trauma.”

D)  Both A & B.

Question #8

The familiar adage “Two steps forward, one step back” can be interpreted as:

A)  One’s up & down journey through everyday life.

B)  Today’s hot new dance move.

C)  An MSer’s gait on an uneven surface.

D)  Both A & C.

Question #9

wheelchair on ramp

This diagram depicts:

A)  A disabled person using a ramp.

B)  An elder Evel Knievel sizing up his next jump.

C)  A hilarious accident about to happen on “America’s Funniest Video’s.”

Question #10

Sumo suit

This picture is:

A)  A shirtless Mayor Rob Ford.

B)  A police officer training an attack dog.

C)  What an MSer should wear for injury protection from falls.

D)  All of the above.

Question #11

True or False:

“RRMS” “SPMS” “PPMS” and “PRMS” are the sounds Grandpa makes as he sleeps in his chair.

*     *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *     *     *     *

If you stayed awake long enough to read this time-waster—you’ve passed!  Congratulations!

You may now enjoy your holiday break.

Thanks for reading (and testing) My Odd Sock.


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  1. Muff,
    Yes, you are the MS class valedictorian!
    Thanks for your comment!

    Thank you! Are you wearing flannel?