A Cruel, Cruel Christmas

A Cruel, Cruel Christmas

IMG_1325The decorations adorning the My Odd Sock Christmas tree hold special meaning.

Each ornament tells a story of a time & place of good memories.

Some are the silly ones the kids made in school.

While others were given to us by loved ones who have passed on.

I enjoy looking at each piece in a moment of reflection.  (Yes, I’m emotionally sappy in that way)

But there is one holiday decoration in our home that leaves me feeling uneasy.


From year to year, this Father Christmas can be found hanging from a door handle or drawer pull.

Simple and unopposing.

I’m not sure where he came from or how he found his place here at home.

But pulling his string makes me cringe EVERY TIME!


Yeah, no kidding his arms & legs flail.

Is this a Christmas decoration?….Or a torture device?

Just what is the string attached to under his cloak?

It’s like a voodoo doll for the holidays.

Now I understand why he & Mrs. Claus are childless.

Oh it’s cute the first time you pull the string, but any more than that and you are just being mean!

No wonder he only works one day a year—he spends the rest of his time at the North Pole with his Christmas cookies ON ICE!!!

Geez, poor guy.

Here’s hoping your holiday decorations are a little more kind.


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