Brush. Spit. Rinse.

Brush. Spit. Rinse.

Brushing your teeth is as simple as it gets.

Brush.  Spit.  Rinse.

For me, the most difficult aspect of this task… the decision.

The dental dilemma.
The dental dilemma.

Which toothpaste do I


I never realized oral hygiene had so many choices!


One toothpaste does this.

Another claims that.


We have toothpaste that whitens.

One for fresh breath.

A different tube offers “Gum Protection.”

Gums?  I thought this was about my teeth—now, I gotta worry about gums too?


Another gives “Cavity Protection.”

Duh, that’s what this whole process is about right?

Yet another has “Enamel Protection.”

They didn’t need this much protection on “The Soprano’s!”


One kind not just whitens—it gives you “3-D White!”

What’s that mean?

Must I wear special glasses when I brush?


Toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Toothpaste with mouthwash.


One tube touts healthy gums, strong teeth and fresh breath all in one.

(I believe Milk Bone Dog Biscuits claim to do the very same thing!)


While one toothpaste just says to hell with it all and calls itself…”Total.”

It does everything.

There’s nothing it can’t do.

It’s absolute!  (It will even wipe your mouth when done.)


What tube did I choose?

Haven’t a clue.

Just grabbed one and got busy.

Now excuse me while I spit.


3 Replies to “Brush. Spit. Rinse.”

  1. I like Crest the comes in a stand up container. It’s easy to dispense and has everything in it — cavity prevention, whitener, and mouthwash.

  2. Shampoo shopping is as bad as Toothpaste shopping. I’m a Crest user myself. However, once I get used to buying the same thing every time I shop, something new comes out. I still stick with Crest, and make sure it is approved by the American Dental Association, ADA. I find really none of them do what they claim to do. My tooth brushing skills are not what they used to be, because of the weakness in my hands. For that reason, I go to the dentist every 3 months for a professional cleaning.