What MS Means To Me

What MS Means To Me


Since my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (Class of 1996  Motto: “’96 we’re not hicks!”), this disease has come to define my life in many different ways.

Some for the worse, but some, I must say, for the better.

So, I thought I would jot down a few examples of what MS means to me…and share them with you!

Missed the opportunity to run with my family.


Abbreviation for Mississippi.

Becoming a human pin-cushion.

Being the target audience for lawyer commercials that say…”You may qualify for Social Security disability benefits.”

Upon the diagnosis, being more afraid than ever in my life.

Soiling more underwear than I did as a toddler.

Professional way of addressing a female colleague.

Going to a doctor for answers.  And getting none.

downward arrow

Falling more often than the stock market.

Changed my feelings toward buttons.

Displeasure for thick carpeting.

Hell with the exits…Where are the restrooms?

Meeting your annual insurance deductible in February.

Having a three-second delay in hot/cold realization.

Muscle spasms becoming a type of exercise.

Man Sitting to pee.

Periodic Table

An element on the Periodic Table.

MRI’s becoming as routine as riding an escalator.

Some wheelchair ramps are too damn steep for a wheelchair.

Wearing socks, I can sweep a hardwood floor.

Must get out of the sun way before I can tan.

Foot-drop makes for gnarly toe nails.

Ability to nod off while sitting up.

Martin Sheen

Initials of actor Martin Sheen.

People are mostly kind & eager to help!

How about it?  What does MS mean to you?

Feel free to add a few to the list with a comment.

If I had a funny, killer ending for this post…this is where you would find it.  But because my head feels like it’s filled with soggy oatmeal, you won’t read it here.


6 Replies to “What MS Means To Me”

  1. What does MS mean to me: Life sucks, then you die.~~~~If I move any slower, I’d be standing still.~~~~Never knew how much Montel gets on my nerves.~~~~I’ll sleep when I’m dead.~~~~You loose all dignity. Colonoscopy in the Walmart parking lot, no problem.~~~~Turning down a social invitation, because there is no way I can get in their house in my power chair.~~~~ Tired of hearing the phrase, “You look so good”.~~~~I used to complain about working. Now I complain about not working.~~~~Hate paying someone to do something, I used to be able to do myself.

  2. Margaret,
    Man, you are on fire girl! I agree with many of your points.
    Thank you for commenting.

    I hear you. I try to stay away from that part of MS. I just try to use what’s left to the best of my ability.

  3. So true all that you said with humor…you always make me laugh even with oatmeal.
    I dont remember much life before MS so I cant say too much ….of course, the walking and fatigue is huge problem

  4. For me having MS makes every day like an unopened gift. When I first wake up, while lying in bed, I feel nothing of the disease. Since I feel no symptoms, but know as soon as I try to get out of bed I will, how the symptoms will manifest are unknown, like an unopened gift. These days I constantly get gag gifts which make me swear a lot, but fortunately I also laugh more often at the ridiculousness of the whole situation.
    Having MS is synonymous with ambiguity, because the effects of the symptoms are NEVER the same day to day or even hour to hour.