MS Hall Of Fame

MS Hall Of Fame

An MS Hall of Fame, why didn’t we think of this before?  Oh, that’s right–we probably did, but forgot.

Football HOF

Every sport has its own hall of fame to immortalize heroes of the past.

Elvis plaque

Every genre of music also has its own hall of fame to honor the greats.

So I’m thinking we need a Hall of Fame of our very own.

A Hall of Fame saluting all the MSer’s with hard, lumpy skin around their belly buttons from years of injections.

A Hall of Fame recognizing those who have spent so much time inside an MRI, you’ve memorized the pattern of clicks.

Rock and Roll HOF

Now, a Hall of Fame needs a unique design.

Here is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.  The outside of the building represents the fret work of a guitar.  Very cool!

Sharps container

The MS Hall of Fame could be built to look like a giant Sharps container.  All on one level though.  No steps.

And EVERY parking spot would require a disabled placard.

No need for rest rooms at the MS Hall of Fame as every paid admission includes an adult diaper!

Gold Jacket

We need something to identify members of our hall of fame.

At the Pro Football Hall of Fame, all inductees are given a gold jacket.

An honored tradition!

cooling vest

At the MS Hall of Fame, our new members will be given a lovely cooling vest.

(Yeah, not as stylish as a gold jacket, but what are you gonna do.)

Baseball Plaques

Finally, we will need to honor all MS inductees with a bronze plaque like they do at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

Here is My Odd Sock’s lame attempt at “bronzing” my image…along with a description of my MS career……

My Odd Sock - Copy

“My Odd Sock was diagnosed with MS in September of 1996.

Through the years, he has taken more tumbles than the Dow Jones.  And has soiled as many pairs of underwear as there are members of Congress.

Although My Odd Sock pokes fun at multiple sclerosis, he still spits nails in anger at what it has taken from him.”

YOU are most deserving to be a member of the MS Hall of Fame!

How would YOUR plaque read?  How would you like to be immortalized in this exclusive club?

Congratulations you hall of famer!


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