Absurdity In Advertising

Absurdity In Advertising

I may have been away, but that doesn’t mean absurdity ceases to exist.

It’s an ongoing thing.  And quite irresistible to boot.

Here are just a few examples I have found recently…..

Starting Your Day The Woodchuck Way.

Pass a bowl & some milk!
Pass a bowl & some milk!

The box of Kashi Go Lean cereal touts it being made of “Naturally Sweetened Fiber Twigs.”

Mmm, sounds delicious doesn’t it?

Maybe if you were a beaver.

Like the “Soy Protein Grahams” are supposed to get me excited.  Unless Kashi has marshmallows, I ain’t trying!

Give Me An Earful.

I saw this advertisement for the “Turbo-Ear Sound Amplifier.”


The Turbo-Ear claims to be “So small it’s barely visible!”

They’re right.  Where the heck is it?

All I see is a woman with what appears to be a walnut in her  ear.  In fact, if it wasn’t for her attached earlobe, I wouldn’t notice anything!


The ad demonstrates Turbo-Ear’s discreet size by comparing it to the size of your index finger.

Odd Sock wearing a "Turbo Ear"
Odd Sock wearing a "Turbo Ear"

So…..Here’s what I might look like wearing the “miniature size” Turbo Ear.

It looks quite natural I might add.

Fits Like A Glove

IMG_1122Found this ad in the local paper.

“Free Fitting w/Purchase” at Elmo’s Bras.

Ah huh, sounds kinda creepy to me.

I take it Elmo is a breast man.

Gets to first base with every sale.

I’m hoping Elmo is a muppet.

Elmo.  A-cup brains.  D-cup hands.
Elmo. A-cup brains. D-cup hands.

Here is what I picture when thinking of Elmo…..


A skeevy guy with A-cup brains and D-cup hands.

Think I’ll go to Macy’s!

Yes, it’s all absurd.  You can’t avoid it.  So the best we can do is make light of it.

Just look around and share with us a little absurdity from your world.

In the meantime, I’ll be picking splinters from my gums—dang fiber twigs!


4 Replies to “Absurdity In Advertising”

  1. I’ll tell you what’s absurd…..naming your child “North West”!! I’d
    hate to be that kid on the playground…..

  2. Margaret,

    Amen sister! It figures when you look at the parents—the gene pool isn’t very deep!