Independence Days

Independence Days


Here is a moldy-oldy repeat.  Enjoy.  (I’ll be back on schedule at the end of this week)

Sunday was the Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day.

You knew that–I was just making it clear to the Taliban readers of My Odd Sock.

The Fourth of July is the one day of the year we honor our forefathers by saving an extra 20% at Kohl’s, drinking beer and setting off explosive devices.

Some honor.

My Odd Sock celebrates the Fourth.
My Odd Sock celebrates the Fourth.

But for those of us with multiple sclerosis, Independence Day means something more.

Is it a day MSers celebrate once a year?

Hell no!

Much like you, I embrace every day I can put my feet on the floor.

I cheer each day I can brush my teeth, change my own underwear, look up and see the blue sky or feel the rain on my ever-expanding forehead.

I even put my hands together for being able to think and put pen to paper in composing this garbage known as My Odd Sock!

I’m not gloating–just thankful, because there are many out there who can’t do these simple things for themselves.

It’s about independence…..and how long you can keep it.


I get cranky when someone tries to push me when I’m in my wheelchair.

“I got it, I can do it” I say.

Not meaning to be a jerk (my typical demeanor), I understand and am grateful for your courteous gesture–I’m just trying to stake my claim to independence.

It’s one thing to being 80 years old and being pushed in a wheelchair.

It’s a whole other animal to being a healthy looking 46 year old man spinning in a chair.


WAH WAH WAH, suck it up you goof!

You’re right Hecklephant.  I’ll quit belly-aching.  Sorry.

(To find out who is Hecklephant, see the “cast” page at the top.)

Independence is being able to move and see and speak and care for oneself & others.  To love.  To feel.  To respond.  To breath.

I hope you had a terrific Fourth of July.

May your independence last for a long long time.


2 Replies to “Independence Days”

  1. Here’s to everyone’s Independance! Always enjoy every minute you have, with MS or not, because it could all be taken away in a heartbeat in so many different ways. i.e. car accidents. Enjoy it all and be safe every day…and if you blew something off on the 4th, just remember you were celebrating your Independance.

  2. My independence inhabits an ever-shrinking circle as time goes on–so I really appreciate the reminder to celebrate all that I can still do, which is a lot, really.

    SpeckledBrain brilliantly addressed my key coping tool: rebelliousness. A double-edged sword, of course, but free will and the ability to act on it is what life is all about.

    Thanks guys!