My Doc Is Right For Me

My Doc Is Right For Me

Dr Phil

A My Odd Sock apology.  I’m having

a Dr. Phil moment.

My doc is right for me.  And me for him.  We’re a good fit.

We both do our best to keep multiple sclerosis at arm’s length.

Finding a doctor that suits your style is half the battle when combating MS or ANY disease for that matter.

Your doctor should be encouraging, motivating, nurturing.

He or she should be one to give you hope.  Hope, not for a cure, but hope that you’ll feel better and spirits are lifted, by the time you scoot your butt off the paper-covered table.

Having MS, it’s easy to bury your chin into your chest.  But having a doctor who is warm & positive can make it easier to lift your gourd high enough to eliminate that double (or even triple) chin!

It’s easy to dread a visit to your MS physician.  And having a downer doctor makes it even worse.  I know, I’ve been there.  I would exit more frustrated than when I went in.  (And $150 poorer!)  Angry.   P O’d…and we all know how that flares our MS (Like putting gasoline on a fire)!

But today, thanks to a new doc, I look forward to my appointments.  I’m not getting any earth-shattering, cure-all advice—just a moment of brightness.  Reassurance.  A shot in the arm.  (Eh, scratch that…you already have taken plenty of shots to the arm, ass & belly!)  That’s all one can ask for.  And that’s what you should be getting from the person in the white coat.

Ask yourself, is your doc right for you?  Do they leave you feeling comfortable, positive & focused?

If not, maybe it is time to consider a change.  The difference can be huge when you consider your spirit is just as important as your physical self.

In essence, the stethoscope might be cold, but your doctor’s demeanor shouldn’t be.


6 Replies to “My Doc Is Right For Me”

  1. I have a fabulous family doctor(for 30 years). He is my primary care doc for MS and Lupus. I have a great Lupus specialist, I see her once a year. I see my neuro once a year (who is a jerk). I have switched neuros 3 times, they were all jerks. This one is the least jerkiest!

  2. Karen,
    Thank you for sharing. Happy you found your “least jerkiest” neurologist, I think?

  3. I so agree My Odd Sock! I always left my first neurologist’s office feeling guilty. Guilty that I asked too many questions or guilty that my MS wasn’t worse to make it worth her time…. But now I have an awesome neurologist that I am totally comfortable with! And the fact that he is very good looking has absolutely nothing to do with it!!

  4. Best thing about my neuro: he spends about an hour with me, answering questions and going over my case. That’s also the worst thing: he spends an hour with the patient before me, so if I’m not the first appointment there’s a wait…and a wait…and a wait. I so agree about the bedside manner, though. It’s incredibly important.