Consumer Research Dept.

Consumer Research Dept.

Office of Consumer Research
Office of Consumer Research

Always working on your behalf, the Consumer Research Department of My Odd Sock has been busy searching the shelves of local retailers to ensure your dollar goes further.

Unable to come up with any constructive advice, we have uncovered some product oddities we would like to share…


The Keebler elves have been baking delicious cookies, including these new “Triple Chocolate” morsels.


Chocolate lovers can let out a hearty cheer as just to the left of the elf, the package declares “Made with Real Chocolate.”

Thanks Keebler for clearing that up!

There is nothing more reassuring than knowing “Triple Chocolate” cookies are made with anything LESS than real chocolate!


Here is a roll of aluminum foil found in our home.

I’m glad this company put all its effort into their product…and NOT a catchy name!

“It’s durable, so let’s call it ‘Durable Aluminum Foil’.”

I wonder, was “Shiny” already taken?

What’s next “See-Through” plastic wrap?


I could see other companies taking the easy way out.

How about a bottled water called “Wet”?

(The hard-to-see tagline says “Twice the amount of Hydrogen in every bottle.”)

FoodSam’s Club checks in with this “Emergency Food Storage Kit.”

Hmm, if it comes in a bucket–its gotta be good!

If it works for KFC, it works for me!

The copy says “Pails contain enough food for two people for one year.”  Just what subversive, counter-culture group needs enough food for a year?

Of course the $300 savings are available “online only.”  These customers aren’t coming out of their underground hovels to shop in-store!  (Just how do they get WiFi underground anyhow?  I can’t get mine to work in the next room!)

And I’m glad Sam’s Club limited this offer to just “1 per membership.”  I hate those survivalists who buy up the entire supply leaving nothing for the rest of us!



I worked in a grocery store for over four years, so people are always asking me for advice on choosing fresh produce.

Here is a tip….


When shopping for baby spinach…..Always looks for the sprigs still in diapers.

So there you have it.

With these observations, you are now a wise consumer.

May your food budget stretch even further during these economic times.

And may you sleep soundly knowing that My Odd Sock takes your welfare to heart.


6 Replies to “Consumer Research Dept.”

  1. I’m laughing at all of these; however the “Wet” really got to me. Twice as much hydrogen? So, instead of H2O, it’s H4O? Can’t happen.

  2. I’m on the “Buy One Get One Free” (BOGO) diet. I only buy cookies, ice cream, potato chips, and candy when it’s BOGO. That’s how I stretch my food budget AND my belly. 🙂

  3. H4O can’t happen but H3O can happen, it’s called tritium. Call the “twice as much hydrogen” just marketing. Sorry, I used to work in a nuke plant chemistry lab and we saw much tritium. One might not want to drink tritium though.