A Dizzy Mother’s Daze

A Dizzy Mother’s Daze

Mom Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day, a special day indeed!

And celebrating Mom is what this My Odd Sock is all about.

Mother’s Day is a day of warm thoughts, kind words, enduring love and most importantly…..GIFTS.

But what do you buy for a Mom who seemingly has everything?

Well, our fine retailers seem to know what Moms want—and I’m happy to share them with you!

Let’s go shopping….

Our first stop…Walmart.

AppliancesWalmart offers these wonderful additions to Mom’s kitchen.

You know, nothing means “Happy Mother’s Day” more than an oven, deep fryer or a griddle.

They express our true feelings by saying “We love you Mom, now get back in that kitchen and cook us some vittles–we’re hungry!”

Next stop….Kohl’s.

Spot Eraser

Kohl’s keep Mom looking her best with this special dark spot eraser.

Good product I’m sure, but look at this poor model.

My God, who’s her father….Chester Cheetah?

Didn’t she play Nala in “The Lion King?”

This poor lady shouldn’t worry about dark spots….more like poachers!

Let’s continue onward…


Mom may enjoy some wine on her big day.

A local grocery store offers this bottle of “Menage a Trois!”

“Menage a Trois” is a pretty daring name for a wine.  What was “Cheap & Slutty” already taken?

“Yeah, let’s get Mom good’n drunk and offer up a threesome!”

(Sounds more like a gift for Father’s Day!)

Our last stop….Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Liberace's Army
Liberace's Army

You could stop by Dick’s and pick up this wonderful pink, camo jacket.

It’s perfect if Mom’s into stalking flamingos!

Finally, Mom can support breast cancer awareness—and be sly about it.

Gumdrop Mountain 2

She can wear it on her hunting trip to Candyland’s Gumdrop Mountain!

Here’s hoping for the greatest day to all Moms.  Mine included.  (Although she doesn’t read this rag.)

You deserve something special every day!


4 Replies to “A Dizzy Mother’s Daze”

  1. THANK YOU for posting these; I was getting desperate. Must rush before they’re sold out…

    [racing out to the store to buy Mom a bottle of Menage a Trois]

  2. Great one Sock. Happy Mom’s Day to all! (yea, I like the bottle of wine one…whoops that may get me beat)

  3. Lucky for me my daughter missed out on these great deals…..so I won’t be stalking flamingo’s, or having a Menage a Trois…..just eating fruit all week. This morning an “Edible Arrangement” arrived at my door. About that Menage a Trois…..my Birthday is in November 🙂 Only applicants who know how to use a Patient Lift may apply 🙂

  4. Margaret,
    Your comment absolutely slayed me…SO funny! Hope that Patient Lift is heavy duty–capable of picking up three people.

    Thank you for your comment. Happy belated Mutha’s Day. Enjoy your fruit!