Spirit Booster

Spirit Booster

There is no doubt about it—multiple sclerosis can dish out some pretty heavy licks to a person physically, but I believe the mental aspects of the disease are just as severe.

MS crushes confidence.

It strips a person’s self-worth like a putty knife on wallpaper.

Multiple sclerosis attacks your “will” until it becomes a “won’t.”


I know because lately my spirits have been lower than Danny Devito doing the limbo.  Lower than a snake’s belly.  Lower than the morals of a Kar”trash”ian sister!

Dark clouds have been swirling around my noggin like hurricane Sandy.

And my little pink pills (anti-depressants) haven’t done a thing.  (Maybe I should put them in a Pez dispenser.  That might be fun!)


So despite the outdoor beauty of Spring…birds chirping…flowers blooming…the world coming to life.

Here I sit in a dumper…a crapper…a laundry hamper.  (That’s a weak parody of Steve Miller’s song…”Joker, Smoker, Midnight toker.”)  (Weird Al, I’m not!)

Doom and despair begin to overwhelm as you sink deeper burdened with concerns of health, family, money & the future.

(Depressing crap, I know.  But it gets better now!)


Then oddly enough, when you seem you’ve hit bottom, life throws you signs of change.

Little divine signals to say “C’mon, pick your butt up and let’s get on with it.”

Last week I had three such occurrences happen on consecutive days that gave me renewed hope.

On Tuesday I had lunch with a friend who relates well to my problems.  Wise beyond his years, he gave me perspective, even calling one of my ideas “stupid.”  (If he reads this blog at all, he’ll realize ALL of my ideas are stupid!)

My point here is face-to-face contact is essential to our well-being.  Many times those of us with MS tend to shut ourselves away.  Avoiding contact because it is physically too demanding or awkward to get out.

We need to make the effort to nurture our psyche.

Everyone Is Good For SomethingThe following day I was volunteering in the library of the local elementary school.  I stooped to straighten some books on the shelf.  When I stood up, I found myself staring at the book “Everyone Is Good For Something” by Beatrice Shenk De Regniers.

Of ALL the books in this library…THIS was the book on display!

A divine signal?  Maybe.

Suddenly my self-worth began to warm.  (Or did I just have another accident?)

Then on Thursday, I was looking through the newest issue of Sports Illustrated (May 6th).

IMG_1089On the last page was an article written by Michael Weiner.

In the story, Michael described his 2012 diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumor.  He offered four interesting things to keep in mind when given a heavy dx (like we have).

Don’t go into a shell. Don’t be afraid to talk about your situation with others.  (You’ll feel better.  I did!)

Help others, even if you are hurting. No matter how you feel, chances are there is someone in a worse way than you.  (He’s got that right!)

Don’t lose your sense of humor. (Amen, brother!)

Keep living your life. To the extent possible, do what you like to do.

Keeping your wits about your life with MS can be challenging at times.  But nothings easy.  Just be sure to keep your eyes & ears open for the signs to keep you focused!

Funny Meter taking a different approach.
Funny Meter taking a different approach.

And NO, I  did not have my funny bone removed.

(Just a revelation.)


7 Replies to “Spirit Booster”

  1. Wise words, indeed, oh sock guru. The moving beyond ourselves nearly always lightens our nasty moods. I’ve seen it over and over, but usual forget until I’m in a funk.

  2. “Stupid is as Stupid does” 🙂 I think you relate to all of us sock in so many ways…even those we know who don’t have a disease…sometimes it’s just a dose of bad luck that we have to look up from. Keep making us think…it really does our brains good.

  3. When ever I talk about my situation with others, I get annoyed. My most common annoyance, is when I tell someone I’m weak and tired. Their response is always, THEY are weak and tired. At least they can still function. I’m using tomorrow’s energy to type this comment.

  4. Sorry you’ve been feeling bad; that can happen, for sure. Good tips, though, especially about getting out and seeing people. Sometimes all you want to do is hide out (and not bathe — or is that just me?), but seeing a friend or going outside can really help.

    Hope you’re continuing to feel better, Sock. We’re here for you!

  5. I am so sorry that you have been feeling down, My Odd Sock friend. But I am glad that even when bummed, you were able to use your sense of humor. I am also glad that you were able to find some inspiration in the world around you. And I am really, really glad that the children’s book that caught your eye wasn’t Everybody Poops.

  6. Thank you for telling us about how MS has socked it to you, oh Sock. It’s good to read about these things, and I very very very much appreciate your sharing these things with us.

  7. Gale,
    Thank you for your comment! Yeah, it’s not all yuks for this MSer. We all have good days & bad.
    We’ll just keep on plugging away!