So How Did You Meet?

So How Did You Meet?



Valentines Day



It’s Valentines Week as My Odd Sock takes a tongue-N-cheek look at his relationship.





Interviewer-   So when and how did you two meet?

My Odd Sock-   It was back in the spring of ’96.  Just passing glances for quite a while.  You know, like when you see someone in the mall?  Quick exchanges that left you feeling weird…that something was going on…butterflies in the tummy.

Interviewer-   And these “quick exchanges” became more lingering?

My Odd Sock-   Yeah, until finally, while running I fell head over heels!

Interviewer-   Literally?

My Odd Sock-   Yep, literally.  Numerous times!  That’s when I knew this was something more than just a superficial crush.  But I needed to talk to someone who was more experienced…someone who had seen this before.  So I called my family doc, and during a routine physical, he suspected I had multiple sclerosis.



Interviewer-   Wow, you don’t mess around, do ya?

My Odd Sock-   Na, I’ve always been one to quickly fall into a relationship.

Interviewer-   Some people go round and round for years forming a diagnosis of their relationship, but you…

My Odd Sock-   Yeah, I don’t like to play games.  I’ve never been one to date around much.  Like you said, some folks “play the field”…courting this disease or that.  They’re never able to commit to just one diagnosis & stick with it.

Interviewer-  Have you been faithful to your MS?

My Odd Sock-   Well, I can’t say with all honesty I’ve been 100% faithful.  Over the years, I have had several flirtatious relationships with colds, but they didn’t last long.  And I have had a couple one-night stands with the flu.  But otherwise, I have been monogomous.

Candy hearts


Interviewer-   What do you think of these people who can carry on with MS along with another ailment of some sort?

My Odd Sock-   More power to ’em.  They are stronger than I am.  So far my heart belongs to just one disease.  And I would truly like to keep it that way!



Interviewer-   So any special Valentines plans with what ails you?

My Odd Sock-   No, nothing special.  Maybe a cozy dinner where I dribble some food down my shirt.  Trouble handling a knife & fork.  Followed by some swallowing issues.  Later, a couple trips to the potty.  And an evening of leg spasms while we watch Gary Cooper in “The Pride of The Yankees.”

Interviewer-   Sounds quite special!

My Odd Sock-   Oh, it’s a gas, man.


*          *          *          *          *


Neil Clark Warren

And so it goes.  Eat your heart out Dr. Neil Clark Warren.  Who needs eHarmony anyway!

I’d love to hear how you met your MS?  Did you “date” for a while before getting your dx?  Or was it love at first blurry sight?

Share your heartfelt story with a comment.

And have a happy Valentines day.


Note:  This post was inspired by a very funny comment made by Olivia, a friend & fellow blogger (See the link below to “Chronic Pains” in my blogroll) who said…”not sure who my partner is, still dating you know…peripheal neuropathy, MS, unspecified demylenating disease, we will see who?”


12 Replies to “So How Did You Meet?”

  1. Thanks for telling us your faithful story. I also fell head over heals for my Love. She didn’t tell me she cheated with so many others out there. Now I’d love to ditch her, but she’s got a hold on me…

  2. I met my companion for life while on a date with what I thought was a sort of mild-mannered fellow named Carpal Tunnel. HAHAHA, the joke was on me when my doc sent me to a neurologist. I thought, “That’s odd.” But I went and found out pretty quickly (well, not before some fun pre-commitment activities like an MRI and spinal tap, you know, to be sure we were compatible) that it was MS. We’ve been blissfully coexisting ever since. Okay, maybe not so blissful. Balefully coexisting?

  3. Speckled,
    What? She is seeing you as well? That two-timing hussey!
    That’s it, I through with her!

    Thank you for the funny comment!

  4. My relationship was also almost “love at first site”. My DH & I had just signed to have a new house built, and we were working hard on removing wallpaper & updating other things around our house to get it on to the market to sell. That Sunday, I noticed tingles in my toes & my fingers. I must have pinched a nerve. Monday, tingles were a little worse, now my toes, feet & shins. Oh boy, it must have been a really good pinch of the nerves.

    Tuesday I went and saw the family doctor, he thought it could be stress, but wanted me back the next morning for some fasting blood work. Did that, then went onto work, with my tingly self. Around lunch, the world went on a tilt. DH came and picked me up and took me to the ER. Him and I were talking the entire way there, he dropped me at the door while he went to park.

    When I went in, I could no longer talk, and the nurse handed me this “thing” into my right hand and told me to sign in. In my brain I could hear me saying my name, but I didn’t know how to use this “thing” in my right hand to get my name onto this piece of paper. Well, as I am a lefty, the “thing” didn’t register it was a pen. I finally got out “husband is parking the car”.

    They gave me the news the next day. I will never forget the bedside manners of the neuro on call, her exact words were “The good news is it isn’t a brain tumor…. You have MS”. And since that day in 2007, I have had this love hate relationship with my “soul mate”.

  5. Terrie,
    Thank you for sharing your “love story.”
    I had the tingly fingers as well (also thinking it was a pinched nerve).
    Little did I know it was the start of a relationship that has endured ups & downs for neary 17 years.

    Keep fighting & moving (and reading My Odd Sock!).

  6. Lol, this is awesome doug, thanks for the shout out!! I have my neuro checkup on the 21st….just a quickie I hope, no long term commitment I hope. I am low maintenance ,i am going to start practicing
    walking the line. Do you think I can fool him? keep our relationship as just neuropathy…i may get flowers and candy as these feet dont lie. I will keep you posted. 🙂 olivia

  7. My doctor thought I was dating an inner ear infection. Then I was accused of being at the Memory Motel with a bone-spur in the neck. But eventually love bites lefy a hicky with MS.

    My real crush was Cancer. I know everyone want that. MS is like ‘Oh ya’ doesnt Squiggy have that.

  8. I was already married when I found out that I had another, intimate friend that I would be living with for the rest of my life. Completely out of the blue! Not even a thought or suspicion that I had a new, life long mate until I saw my MRI and was told the absolutely fabulous news, complete with bells, whistles and bright spots on my MRI. His love for me was so obvious by MRI that a spinal tap was unnecessary. We’ e been together for 10 years now and don’t always see eye to eye but like any old couple we somehow make it work.

  9. renard,
    Cancer? Luc-kee. Best of luck double dating!

    What IS the gift for a tenth anniversary?…Interferon Beta-1A?

    Many wishes to both of you. Thank you for reading & commenting!

  10. My Sjogrens and I had a tumultuous affair…I was so in denial when we met which was sudden, but gradually gave in to his persistance. Even though our passion has cooled a bit since I met him I still pray for the day I can escape his affections and tight hold on my heart, mind and body! Maybe not so good a story as everyone elses, but I was inspired to try!

  11. This is so funny! I was so young when we first fell for each other that I have stayed too faithful…messed around with a collapsed lung or two for the first few years…but after that went away…I have had a good marriage with MS