Always Sometimes Never

Always Sometimes Never



IMG_0973Mr. Bollenbacher was funny, quirky and a dead-ringer look-alike for actor Gene Wilder.

As a high-school math teacher, there was no one better at his craft.  He was my favorite.

It was his tests I dreaded most.

Mr. B’s geometry exams challenged our knowledge of theorems with his infamous “Always Sometimes Never” questions.  He presented a statement…and we had to determine if the statement was always, sometimes or never true.

So, with that, I thought it would be fun (not really) to have an “Always Sometimes Never” test of your MS know-how.

I’ll present a statement and you figure out if the statement is always, sometimes or never true.

Let’s begin…



Handicap parking space


1.   The relative theory of handicap parking states…”For every designated space, there be four drivers/vehicles gunning for that space.

(Choose one)…Always, Sometimes, Never




2.   Your nose itches most when wearing a face cage during an MRI

(Pick one)…Always, Sometimes, Never



doc with patient


3.   An appointment with the neurologist provides answers to your health questions.

(Choose one)…Always, Sometimes, Never




4.   Despite your frustration, confusion & lack of answers of said appointment, the neurologist will send you a bill.

(Hmm)…Always, Sometimes, Never



tire rotation



5.   Rotating the location of your injection sites is more important than rotating the tires of your car.

(Pick one)…Always, Sometimes, Never








6.   MSers using canes or crutches will end up trudging through the wettest/slickest portion of a floor.

(Guess one)…Always, Sometimes, Never



7.   If there is even the slightest change in a floor’s grade, surface or elevation, someone with MS is the first to notice the difference.

(Choose one)…Always, Sometimes, Never





8.   A person with MS makes a horrible criminal because our get-aways are so dreadfully slow.

(One guess)…Always, Sometimes, Never




9.  Tysabri, Amprya & Gilenya are considered to be good character names in a gimpy version of Disney’s “The Lion King.”

(Pick one)…Always, Sometimes, Never





10.   The power/battery of your scooter will be weakest when your urge to pee is strongest.

Always, Sometimes, Never




11.   Zombies walking on TV or in a movie reminds you of MSers gathering for a support group meeting.

(Pick one)…Always, Sometimes, Never



tramp stamp


From a wheelchair or scooter, a trip to Walmart gives you a birds-eye view of every bad tramp stamp known to man.

(Pick the first one please)…Always, Sometimes, Never



Thank you for participating.  But don’t worry…you passed!









7 Replies to “Always Sometimes Never”

  1. I particularly laughed at #11 but I thought that meant I was cruel since I don’t have mobility issues, at least not yet. BUT, then I thought of what I look like when I have to go somewhere, say the bathroom, but am especially fatigued and I fit right into the zombie picture!

  2. Yay!!! thank you for passing me ,lol, im not sure my doc will pass me on 21 I go in for a checkup of what im not sure, same neuro different day. Diagnosis? Hopefully I will be sent home to continue to be “watched” , cheers olivia