More Dumb Stuff

More Dumb Stuff





Time to clear out the folder with some more dumb stuff.

(Really?  Like everything else found here isn’t ridiculous enough.)


Take your silly pill and enjoy!



Happy Birthday Prez:



The local paper told us of a celebration honoring President William McKinley’s 170th birthday.

I mean, good for him.  He looks great for his age, but he doesn’t want to be reminded of how old he is!

What do you get for someone who’s 170?

Why does the media find it so interesting to tell us how old a dead person is?

“On April 23rd, William Shakespeare would have been 449 years old.”

This poor guy got his AARP card over 400 years ago–just let him rest in peace!

“Jaanuary 1st of this year marked the day Betsy Ross turned 261.”

No she didn’t.  She didn’t have enough breath to blow out the candles–she’s dead!


Betsy Ross


Speaking of Betsy Ross, I thought this might be a good time to share with you a photograph that has been in my family for many generations.


We can’t be absolutely sure.  It has never been authenticated.  But legend has it, this is an actual photograph of Betsy Ross sewing the very first American flag.


You be the judge….


Betsy has man hands!
Betsy has man hands!



It is quite obvious by the bloodied bandages, Betsy was not a skilled seamstress.

But she painstakingly overcame…working through the night to compete the flag for General Washington and this young country.

God bless you Betsy Ross!




She Reminds Me Of Someone:


Taylor Swift 1



Since Taylor Swift became popular, I have always thought she looked like someone else.

But I could never put my finger on who it was.




Janice 2


Then it hit me.  Taylor Swift looks like Janice, a bandmember of “Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem” from “The Muppet Show!”


They must have been separated at birth!




Speaking Of Singers:


Full size of this lady is scary!
Full size of this lady is scary!



Ever wonder what happened to the woman who sang the song “Mickey?”

“Oh Mickey, you’re so fine.  You’re so fine you blow my mind.  Hey Mickey!”

What IS her name?

Oh Mickey, you're so fine.
Oh Mickey, you're so fine.



Well, I found her!


And she’s been hanging out in the spice cabinet all this thyme!




Told you it was dumb.

Have an odd weekend.




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