“Write-It-Yourself” MS Photo Captions

“Write-It-Yourself” MS Photo Captions



Caption bubbleIt’s time we had a little fun with our multiple sclerosis.

(Like everyday is a real gas, right?)

So in this My Odd Sock, the selection committee (me) has posted several photographs depicting life with MS.


Next, the creative services department (me) has added three (hopefully) funny captions to each photograph.


But, because this is called “Write-It-Yourself MS Photo Captions,” we need (I need) your help coming up with a fourth funny title for each.  That’s why you’ll find a #4 along with an empty space for your idea.

You could write your caption directly on the screen of your monitor….OR, I’d prefer you just post it as a comment!

Create your own caption for all six….or just one or two.  It’s up to you!


Let’s ge busy with My Odd Sock’s “Write-It-Yourself MS Photo Captions.”



Photo One


MRI scan



#1-  “Oops.  Take another one.  I had my eyes closed.

#2-  “I photograph better from my right side.”

#3-  “Wow!  These x-ray glasses really work!”

#4-  ________________________________







Photo Two


Doctor & patient

#1-  See here, I received my medical degree from the University of Phoenix.”

#2-  “Doc, can we stop with ‘Angry Birds’ and get on with my examination?”

#3-  “Glad you came in.  There’s nothing I can do for your MS, but have you seen pictures of my boat?”

#4-  _____________________________





Photo Three


Guys mobility aids



#1-  “Para-Olympic athletes….to your marks!”

#2-  “Wow, the Village People are lookin old.”

#3-  “Race you losers to the handicap stall!”

#4-  ____________________________________







Photo Four


Barbie wheelchair



#1-  “Does this wheelchair make my butt look fat?”

#2-  “We’re like ‘Charlie’s MS Angels!”

#3-  “Girls, is it too obvious which one of us has MS?”

#4-  ________________________________







Photo Five


leg device



#1-  “They corrected my foot drop on my left leg, now I wish I had a right leg.”

#2-  “My Walk-Aid doubles as an ankle monitor during house arrest.”

#3-  “If I wet myself…..can I get electrocuted?”

#4-  _____________________________________






Photo Six


Dog Walker


#1-  “I don’t mean a dog walker, I meant a dog walker!”

#2-  “It nearly killed me when it chased a cat!”

#3-  “Yeah, it’s weird.  I’ve never had a rollator hump my leg.”

#4-   ________________________________





That does it for “Write-It-Yourself MS Photo Captions.”

Hope you had fun creating your own.




6 Replies to ““Write-It-Yourself” MS Photo Captions”

  1. Doug, yours are funnier and more clever than anything I could think up! (although the MRI did remind me of a cowboy/indian approach with the arrows!) Great job!

  2. Muff,
    Great idea about the arrows. That’s funny with the “cowboy/indian!”
    (Or shall we say “native americans?”)

    That’s for your contribution!

  3. Not feeling too funny, buy I’ll weigh in…….

    PHOTO ONE – “Suitable for framing.”

    PHOTO TWO – “For the last time….Point, Click, Save.”

    PHOTO THREE – “They never have enough chairs.”

    PHOTO FOUR – “No, you can not ride in my lap.”

    PHOTO FIVE – “Do you have this shoe in black?”

    PHOTO SIX – “If I let go, I’ll fall over.”

    Yours are funnier, but I posted the first thing that came into my head when I saw the pic.

  4. Love it! For #1 I would add what I actually said to my neuro- “Are you sure that’s not a brain tumor? Cause it really, really looks like a brain tumor to me!”

    and for #2 I would add- “I’m telling you Viv- Free Cell really will help with your cognitive difficulties.”

    Great as always…

  5. Photo #1: “No wonder I’m getting those stabbing headaches, I’ve got three arrowheads in my brain!”

    Photo :4: “I’m gonna play Annette Funicello in the sequel to ‘Beach Blanket Bingo,’ girls, and I’m so excited! If the movie’s a hit I could get so rich on the wheelchair-bound action figure!”

  6. Margaret, Yvonne & Kim,

    Tremendous submissions! Thank you for playing.

    Kim, your caption for #4 killed me! THAT’S funny!